Well salt my sardines and call me excited, the MEO Pro Portugal is just around the corner. From thumping Hawaii we’re heading to thumping Supertubos, a powerful beachy that serves up psycho pits. There are plenty of other waves around Peniche when the swell isn’t up too, so you might need to shuffle for versatility depending on the forecast.

For now your Portugal fantasy surfer team should be stacked with tube hounds and air demons – both of which have won big here in the past. Get those stats machines humming and gut hunches cramping, we’re about to dive into the best fantasy surfer picks for Portugal 2022.

Here is your WSL Fantasy Surfer Guide Portugal…


It feels like women’s tier A rundown should basically consist of one word. Carissa. I’ve suggested her every event this year, and while she hasn’t won, she’s still the queen when it comes to powerful waves and raw surfing talent.

With both Malia and Brisa getting break through results at Sunset, they’ve shot up the rankings like spiders up a windshield. Don’t get shocked into thinking you should pick them. Sure, they surf great, but they’re not at Carissa’s level of dominance yet. Hold the course. Go for glory.

If you are looking to go against the trend, I’m a big fan of Malia’s surfing and think she could be hanging around the podium this time too, just probably a step or two below Miss Riss.

In: Carissa
Maybe: Malia


What a slaughter house Sunset was for the big dogs – Kelly decapitated from the draw because of a technicality. Double John double-bounced over the net and into the stadium by Jake ‘did he really just beat John John?’ Marshall. It all happened in a few short minutes too.

The only reason those guys are still hovering in Tier A is because of how well they did at Pipe. And, Supertubos is Pipe-like on its day. That leads me to believe that John, Kelly (and Seth) will still be solid picks to stick in your team.

Kanoa is another guy on a tear, who has done very well at Portugal in the past yet for some reason continues to slide under my radar as a top pick. Maybe I should listen to momentum and get him in. Jordy has wowed at Supertubos before too and Filipe Toledo is a deadly air force pilot in any beach break from 2-6ft.

The only guys I’m counting out as serious threats here are Ethan and Miggy. With just two spots, big calls have to be made. It may be the death of me, but I’m backing Seth Moniz for another solid result and top 6 finish by year’s end. I simply can’t go past John John and feel good about it either, so he’s my other warrior. Kanoa and Jordy are subs, with the GOAT bleeting in the rear.

In: John and Seth
Maybe: Fil or Kanoa


Rookies, rookies, rookies. There’s so much fresh blood in this tier it’s looking like a shake up of world surfing could well be underway. If the results at Sunset are anything to go by this could be the start of a major generational shift in how you pick your teams.

Since I’m old myself, I’m going to resist the change for now and stick with options I know have paid dividends in the past. Lakey Peterson has finalled here before in 2019 and has to be a proper contender for a title this run. I’d be getting her in your team before she slides into some Supertubos pits. Tyler Wright is another whose tube and power game are ultra strong. Her bro Owen has been a top performer at Portugal in the past, so I’m tipping that he’ll be tipping a few tips into her back of tricks.

Aside from that, Johanne Defay is a solid possibility, as is Luana Silva. Luana is a rookie, sure, but she’s comfortable in Portugal having won a Challenger event down the road in Ericeira to qualify last year. Confidence is key and she’s my pick of the dark horses to upset the top ranks if those upsets do happen.

In: Lakey and Tyler
Maybe: Johanne and Luana


Winner of the last two events at Portugal. In. Tier. B. Need I say more? If Italo doesn’t have close to 100% pick ratings for this event it’s because Stab comments supremacists have some kind of racist agenda to discredit Brazilian super shredders. Take the power back, power up the full rote mountain goat, and watch the points roll in.

Kolohe Andino is another one I’m backing for a big result in Peniche. He has great history here and looked sharper than a sushi knife last event. Get that Californian roll onto your plate. Jack Robbo is the other obvious option for Portugal. Great at tubes. Great at airs. Great at letting me down. Is he the new Julian? Live up to expectations, please Jack.

Finally, I’m throwing a wild pick into the mix. Joao Chianca showed he’s an absolute bull in heaving barrels, so I’m looking for him to delight in his first Portuguese rodeo. If you’re looking for safer pastures, look toward Leo Fiorivanti or Conner Coffin. I’d lean toward Leo because of his Euro connection, but ultimately it’s a bit of a coin flip.

In: Italo, Jack, Kolohe and Chianca
Maybe: Leo or Conner


Whoa whoa whoa. Three of the top 6 in the world last year are now sitting in tier C. Pardon my Portuguese but, que porra?! Sally, Tati and Steph all find themselves in unfamiliar territory, staring down the barrel at the mid-year cut off with the scissors already snipping at their legropes.

Courtney Conlogue is there too – someone who you’d expect to savage the comps in Hawaii. What that means is lots of opportunity for a single place in your team. I’m running with Tati Weston-Webb. She speaks Portuguese fluently, has been solid here in the past and I feel like still has the best of her surfing yet to show us. I wouldn’t be surprised if she comes home with the trophy here.

Beyond that, Steph or Sally could be a goer, especially Sal, who has a knack of finding exactly the right waves in really tricky beach breaks.

In: Tati
Maybe: Sally


If there’s anyone who’s probably feeling a bit stiffed after Hawaii it’s Griffin Colapinto. He faced a bad beat at Pipe against Caio Ibelli and another one against Conner O’Leary at Sunset. The kid has the talent to make top 6 but all he has right now to hold him erect are his Youtube stats. Let’s hope he goes from flaccid to fat in Portugal. Either way, he’s in my team #stiffforgriff.

Another guy who under performed and is a great pick in this weight class is Owen Wright. Owen first burst onto the scene at this event way back in 2009, making the semis (and bursting his ear drum in the process). He’s had good results in the MEO since and will be looking to turn his season around with a cracker at one of his pet events.

Other great options here are Caio Ibelli and Barron Mamiya. Both have attacks that suit this wave to a tee and will be brimming in confidence sitting high up the rankings. The only reason they’re not in Tier A is because they’re technically wildcards. Wild if you don’t consider them.

In: Griff and Owen
Maybe: Caio and Barron

Good luck. Happy picking. Enjoy the show. And that’s your WSL Fantasy Surfer Guide Portugal ’22.