We all want what the pro’s ride, we all think their boards are better than ours. That the shapers give them more love and time (they do), that they feel that little bit better and might make us surf better (you won’t) but overall some of us just want a board of our favourite pro in the quiver collection…

It’s rare you’ll find a pile of ex-team surfboards up for grabs like Channel Islands Surfboards have just put up for sale. So if you’re in the hunt for some ferrari styled boards to surf, or to get one to hang on the wall, it’s an opportunity you’ll want to jump on really quick. Find the selection below, and more over at the Channel Islands Surfboards sale page.

Dane Reynolds

There’s a bunch of Dane’s old boards up for sale, no Quiksilver day ones, but all Former ones. You’ll find a few Black & Whites, some Fred Rubbles and even something called a Scuba Chicken. Sizes run from 5’11 to 6’1, so unless you’re buying this to just have a Dane board at home than you’re probably wanting to be around 5’11 and built like Dane to get the most out of them – I think…

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Conner Coffin

Obviously you’re going to find a tonne of Conner’s old boards here, seeing he’s switched board sponsors from Channel Islands Surfboards to JS Industries (he’s really looking spicy on them too, btw). A lot of Fred Rubbles are up for grabs, a bunch of prototypes, some fevers and even a Mick Fanning x Stab in the Dark model. Be quick though, these will go quick.

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Lakey Peterson

Lakey, like Conner, has changed sponsors in the offseason but not board sponsors. Just major labels stickers. Gone is the Hurley )(, replaced with Sisstr, and all the boards you’ll find here from Lakey are from her days with Hurley. Rooks are what you’ll find – variations like the Rook 15, the Rook Mod and more.

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There’s odds and ends in the offering from Channel Islands Surfboards as well, boards from Connor O’Leary, Yadin Nicol and Tanner Gudang (a Shadowfax!!). Plus a few from riders you might not be familiar with. Overall there’s probably something for everyone here, it’s just sifting through it all…

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