Art Director

Role: Art Director
Brand: Roark
Location: Laguna Beach, USA
Summary: The Art Director will be responsible for maintaining the integrity of our visual style, while finding new and exciting ways to expand our use of existing design elements. From the conceptual stage to final production and delivery, this individual brings keen strategic thinking, an ability and desire to tell authentic brand stories through media, and a sharp attention to detail with both print and digital design.


  • Bring the taste and vision of the brand to life in every facet of the business from a creative perspective. Teach and lead the creative team to always be thinking in ways that combine art and message. While also being ready and open to absorbing and utilizing creative feedback to make even smarter and more strategic creative decisions in the future.
  • Oversee creation of graphic design, branded collateral, digital/online design, story-building from concept to execution, packaging design, photo and video assets across all channels. This includes designing pieces as well as directing other work with creative/strategic feedback.
  • Overarching leadership of the following disciplines: Graphic Design (print and digital), Brand-Consistent Story-telling, Photo & Video Production, Events and Branded Collateral, Creative Timelines, Packaging Design.
  • Lead, develop and evaluate creative team to produce best-in-class visual work and creative deliverables that stand out from current offerings.
  • Work hand-in-hand with the marketing team to guide the art component of content, both working within the framework of established concepts and suggesting new avenues for proposed stories.
  • Visualize, conceptualize, and design campaigns across print and digital platforms.
  • Work closely with e-commerce team to concept and create marketing materials that are digitally smart, visually attractive, and have final deliverables in mind.