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Associate Data Scientist

Role: Associate Data Scientist
Brand: Vans
Location: Costa Mesa, CA

As the Associate Data Science, CLM, you will report to the Sr. Manager, CLM who leads the analytics group. While you will support the loyalty team’s analytic needs, your broader focus will be on general consumer data analysis and insights creation for the whole organization.

You will provide important and relevant analyses of transactional and consumer data to drive our marketing and business decisions that result in increased revenue, consumer experience and brand affinity. You will collaborate with various internal clients to add value to their field of expertise by understanding our consumers’ behavior, recommend action plans and analyze critical results.

How You Will Make a Difference:

1. Lead analysis of consumer data, including cross-tabulations and statistical analysis, to generate and test hypotheses about consumer and product trends.

2. Perform transactional and/or consumer basket analysis to provide business with insights into consumer purchasing patterns.

3. Develop standard reporting tools, such as business performance dashboards and/or scorecards, for key partners to utilize for business planning.

4. Perform analyses related marketing and in-store testing, such as evaluation of segment performance within digital marketing campaigns.

5. Support consumer data acquisition efforts to further internal knowledge of consumers

6. Participate in continued efforts of improving and/or developing new data analysis methodologies to further enhance CLM team capabilities.

7. Collaborate with VF Corporate retail analytics and data science teams to coordinate and align on key projects.

8. Present key insights and business recommendations to large groups and/or senior leadership teams.