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Consumer Insights & Analytics Lead

Role: Consumer Insights & Analytics Lead
Brand: Burton
Location: Burlington, USA
Summary: This position is responsible for leveraging Burton’s owned consumer data, syndicated data, and primary quantitative research to create actionable consumer insights, reporting, and measurement. This role is integral to advancing Burton’s knowledge of our consumers and in quantifying the impact of our efforts to serve them.


  • Develop and implement a consumer data roadmap in partnership with Advanced Analytics that leverages Burton’s consumer data to advance consumer segmentation and provide an understanding of key business behaviors such as customer acquisition, cross-sell, consumer retention, lifetime value, channel preferences, loyalty, and shopping behavior.
  • Obtain a deep understanding of business drivers through data exploration; make recommendations to optimize strategy and deepen our understanding of customer behaviors
  • Leverage and synthesize a variety of data sources (syndicated and owned) to provide a holistic understanding of global consumer behaviors, preferences, motivations, and purchase behaviors.
  • Perform deep-dives to analyze problems, identify opportunities and suggest experiments based on findings
  • Leads and implements development of consumer-centric benchmarks including leading and lagging KPI’s.