Digital Media Lead

Role: Digital Media Lead
Brand: Surfline
Location: Sydney, NSW
Summary: As Digital Media Lead, you will guide the production and delivery of top-quality content on Surfline AU, especially with respect to the creation, sourcing, selection, and presentation of photography and video. All photo and video submissions will come through you to be edited, processed, uploaded, produced and promoted. You will make the call about which photographers should be dispatched on different projects, at times going out on location yourself to ensure the highest quality results. You will produce all features in the CMS and post all social content.


  • Select, size, color-correct and pace-out photos and video for Surfline features.
  • Basic video editing for features.
  • Oversee the layout and design and produce and promote all Surfline AU features, with guidance and oversight from Editor.
  • Source imagery and video from outside contributors that meet the high standards of Surfline and its partners.
  • Implement design templates on the site and social.
  • Engage and keep in close contact with global network of contributors.
  • Assist Editor in coming up with new feature ideas across all content pillars.
  • Help organize surf trips/strike missions (where needed).
  • Work with forecast team to know where’s good when — and know who to reach out to for assets.
  • Understand the importance of the cam network as it relates to all content – forecast, editorial, social, etc. Particularly cam rewinds.
  • Where needed, hire third party photographers and videographers that meet the high standards of Surfline Wavetrak.
  • Occasionally, if necessary, shoot photos and/or video for Surfline Wavetrak features: action, lineups, lifestyle, portraits, products, etc.