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Director Of Customer Service

Role: Director Of Customer Service
Brand: Vuori
Location: Carlsbad, USA
Summary: Vuori is seeking a Director of Customer Service Operations to lead and drive the Customer Service team and program. The Director will be responsible for implementing processes to help improve customer retention, customer loyalty, satisfaction, and the overall customer experience. 



  • Serve as advisor and customer advocate to Customer Service team and call center to analyze current state and implement solutions that empower team members with appropriate controls to solve customer issues
  • Ensure customer service needs are prioritized and actions are seen to deliver measurable value to the businesses while meeting customer success targets.
  • Develop opportunities to streamline escalation processes that effectively resolve issues and minimize duplication of efforts
  • Robust knowledge of ecommerce promotional cadence, and its impact on customer service contact volume



  • Keen understanding of financial metrics inclusive of cost management, budget setting, contact forecasting, and future opportunities for revenue generation
  • Synthesize raw customer contact data into actionable insights and solution, then provide strategic recommendations.
  • Manage internal and external relationships. Ensure proper direction, development and training for key personnel in Customer Service, primarily two Customer Service Managers, as direct reports
  • Collaborate with Retail and ecommerce team to champion new technology and process improvements for customers and agents via digital roadmap