Ecommerce Manager

Role: Ecommerce Manager
Brand: LEUS
Location: Carlsbad, CA
Summary: We’re looking for an Ecom Manager to lead and develop LEUS digital revenue strategy. Previous success in Ecom Management roles, proven online marketing experience and desire to disrupt the digital industry will be keys in this role. You will work with and report directly to the CEO. This position is intended to move into a VP title once established and proven with the company.


Sales + Strategy + Marketing

• Responsible for achieving the direct revenue plan, gross profit and net income targets on a monthly and annual basis.

• Work in partnership with Planning, Creative, Sales and Marketing teams to coordinate seasonal and monthly product marketing strategies, maintain an online content calendar to ensure website and messaging is consistent with monthly and seasonal campaigns

Visual Merchandising

• Lead a data-driven Merchandising strategy, a new category, collection, and product launches on-site

• Execute and optimize merchandise presentation on-site, imagery, copy, pricing, site QA and promotional tags. Ensure that product is reflected accurately on the website (product descriptions, size guides, product titles, categorizations etc.)

Site Improvements & Development

• Work with the development team to manage and establish ongoing site optimization, product navigation, changes, and enhancements to improve customer journey and experience

• Manage relationships and roadmaps with third-party vendors, including the development team, email service provider, and other agencies

Site Insights & Analytics

• Consistently review, assess, and own KPIs to ensure growth goals are achieved

• Regularly report and distribute daily, weekly and monthly reporting to key business partners and executives. Leading with insights to Planning, Marketing, Sales and Creative teams to optimize sales from each area