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Entertainment & Influencer Sr. Manager

Role: Entertainment & Influencer Sr. Manager
Brand: New Era
Location: NYC, NY
Summary:  Inspire consumers through leveraging cultural influencers and key product stories, in partnership with key categories, functions and broader geography and global marketing teams. 


  • Lead New Era’s influencer and entertainment marketing vision from strategy to execution across all brand categories
  • Build, manage and maintain relationships with a wide range of influencers, talent and partners across key verticals with a goal to constantly gain exposure for the brand
  • Identify, recommend and execute sponsorship, partnership and product collaboration opportunities in the entertainment space including: musicians, actors/actresses, artists, gaming, local/regional influencers, social media influencers and events/festivals
  • Implement quick response and long-term strategic plans to capitalize on constant influencer industry changes
  • Develop and manages a direct relationship with artists, entertainers, key industry managers/people, stylists, wardrobe and other people tied to key product stories & placement targets
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