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Marketing and Community Coordinator

Role: Marketing and Community Coordinator
Brand: Stance
Location: San Clemente, USA
Summary: As a Marketing & Community Coordinator / Manager, you exist to support our Full Funnel Marketing strategy.  The Marketing and Community Coordinator / Manager exists to help build further credibility for our brand, grow our community around the globe and fuel engagement with our Stance fans — turning them into fanatics.


  • Recognizes that Stance is a team sport.
  • Constantly seeks to align themselves to the strategic, financial and cultural plans of the company.
  • Drive performance that delivers excellence in a way that preserves and enhances our ability to get results in the future.
  • Foster an entrepreneurial atmosphere that supports continuous improvement, creativity, resourcefulness and a get it done mentality.
  • Focus on creativity that enables imagination used to plan our future, solve problems and excite our consumers.
  • Influencer Marketing: Support our influencer marketing program including identifying and engaging on-brand influencers/experts, concepting seasonal sampling/engagement bundles, maintaining consistent outreach to the community via seeding and communication and helping with coordination of deeper influencer engagements to lean into key moments throughout the calendar year.
  • Manage execution of influencer gifting program, managing creation and distribution of seeding packages,  inventory and fulfillment
  • Community Engagement: Help identify and engage key relationships with passion-driven groups in snow, skate, surf, fitness and youth culture, creating meaningful, authentic relationships with communities and supporting grassroots events.
  • Help develop custom college programs to drive brand and retail engagement with Gen Z in key territories nationwide.
  • Support brand and marketing strategies that effectively build brand awareness, credibility, engagement and differentiation through digital and experiential touchpoints.
  • Help identify consumer and market trends and youth culture insights that feed into overarching brand strategies and contribute to compelling storytelling and community engagement.
  • Support our Director of Marketing & Community in working internally and with agencies to identify key storytelling opportunities, cultural moments, and amplify product launches throughout the year.
  • Lead daily support for our PR agency (seeding, product imagery and descriptions, coordination of meetings, events, etc. as needed).