National High Performance Director

Role: National High Performance Director
Brand: Surfing Australia
Location: Gold Coast, QLD
Purpose: Support our Australian athletes to become the world’s best surfers & people.

Success: To be successful in this role you will need to be a dynamic and engaging leader with an ability to swiftly build relationships and credibility with international level surfers, coaches, staff and a variety of other stakeholders.

The position has five key areas of responsibility:

  1. Create the strategy, structure, ways of working & culture to achieve sustainable success for our athletes and coaches at an elite level, ensuring alignment, engagement, and commitment by all surfers across the national network.
  2. Deliver meaningful performance gains for each prioritised surfer annually & are responsible for SA HP Program meeting annual targets
  3. Have the world’s best coaches for our athletes. Ensure the development of a critical mass of SA coaches capable of driving performance on the international stage.
  4. Through a deep understanding of surfing, competitors, equipment, event locations, wave types, surfing manoeuvres, research & innovation deliver our surfers a competitive edge for major events
  5. Cultivate strong & trusting key stakeholder relationships with the AIS/ASC, AOC, SIS/SAS, Universities, Surf Industry, ISA, WSL, sponsors, inclusive of grant submissions, tracking, reporting and other requirements outlined to ensure the success of our surfers, coaches & HP program.