Public Relations Specialist

Role: Public Relations Specialist
Brand: YETI
Location: Austin, Texas
Summary: This individual will develop relationships with consumer, corporate, business and financial media on behalf of the brand. The candidate will be able to develop relationships and work closely with the marketing and product development teams to help generate proactive media engagement strategies highlighting key news around YETI and its products. 


  • Build excellent relationships with key media on behalf of the brand
  • Support the development of strategic PR plans covering retail, consumer campaigns, news generation and product placement
  • Leverage our key retail events to generate consumer and media awareness
  • Support new product launches through proactive media outreach, both domestically and globally, developing strong relationships with key internal spokespeople in the process in order to ensure success
  • Successfully manage complex, fast-moving and unexpected communications challenges and support managing media inquiries around issues and potential crises
  • Develop messaging documents and press releases; pitch and secure top media, including print, broadcast and online outlets across lifestyle/consumer, targeted trade, corporate/business/financial outlets
  • Deliver strategic communications counsel to internal spokespeople and stakeholders on communications challenges and opportunities
  • Manage reactive media inquiries