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Social Media Community Manager

Role: Social Media Community Manager
Brand: Converse
Location: Boston, MA
Summary: Serves as the building block of the social community, developing and strengthening relationships with fans through one-to-one engagement, vs one-to-many.


  • Manage development and distribution of social media content across channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.
  • Think creatively to develop a robust one-to-one engagement strategy that will help build and grow the Converse social community 
  • Create and publish real-time content and engagements targeted to specific audiences 
  • Curate/repurpose content from collaborators, media, fans, etc…
  • Surface and analyze metrics around brand and industry content to deliver insights around content and community performance 
  • Leverage social media technology tools to publish content, monitor conversations and listening topics, engage with fans and analyze performance 
  • Stay current with digital and subject matter trends to make recommendations that are relevant to Converse’s social/digital presence 

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