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Social Media Coordinator

Role: Social Media Coordinator
Brand: Outerknown
Location: Culver City, CA
Summary: Responsible for the creation, message crafting, and execution across all social media platforms for the Outerknown brand.  The ideal candidate is a social media & fashion enthusiast who is excited to utilize social media to both create a brand identity and drive e-commerce sales.


  • Create engaging posts across Outerknown’s social media platforms designed to create brand engagement and drive e-commerce activity.

  • Manage any promotions and competitions advertised across social media.

  • Respond to user comments on social media posts and provide customer support for any inquiries that are received.

  • Create and maintain social media posting calendar with the goal of hitting growth and engagement KPI’s.

  • Test and measure new posting strategies to increase user engagement, such as posting times, content types, etc.

  • Find and participate in relevant social conversations on vendor and competitor pages.

  • Provide weekly summaries on each platform’s performance tracking user acquisition, post performance, etc.

  • Share audience insights with manager and/or cross-functional teams to help improve customer acquisition.
  • Identify new, up-and-coming social media platforms that Outerknown should explore.

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