DHD Surfboards

DH has dedicated his life to creating the ultimate high performance surfboard, and as an industry leader he continues to set standards for quality and performance. Regarded as one of the world’s best shapers the writing is on the wall in terms of DH’s achievements, including 3X ASP World Champion Mick Fanning and 7X ASP Women’s World Champion Stephanie Gilmore.

Although Darren has paved much of the way for himself, he is heavily influenced by his team riders and those closest to him in the surfing community. No one has passion like DH, and when it comes to making surfboards he has devoted his life to giving everyone the ultimate experience when they ride a DHD board.

Used Team Surfboards

We’ve got a selection of used boards from DHD’s roster of world champs, QS stand outs and more. Have a scroll through and see if there’s anything that suits.

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"At nearly 50 years old, I’m still picking up the sander and working in the glass room, I’m hands on. It’s all about the perfect surfboard, and surrounding yourself with the most skilled workers in the industry, to create that ultimate ride."

— Darren Handley

DHD Designed Fins

If you’re getting a DHD board you should probably make sure you getting the fins DH designed to work best in those boards. We’ve got both Futures and FCS options here including the Sweet Spot Template, Quads and Medium/Large Templates.

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