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DHD said :

“The DHD Sweet Spot 2.0 is the perfect all-round step-up made extra strong to withstand the powerful surf at the worlds best surf locations. Surf this board shorter than your normal step-up, you can relive your surf trips when the waves are pumping at home. The ultimate all-rounder, the perfect travelling companion and your go-to board for when the surf conditions at home are pumping. “

We said :

A very sweet ride indeed! I got to ride the DHD Sweet Spot in a variety of conditions ranging from 2ft to 6ft, fattish to thumping barrels and found it went best in 4-6ft surf. The model I rode was 5’11 x 19 that had a five fin FCS II setup, with a very solid glass job (and carbon inserts).

Extra points for the board when it’s heaving, but still performs if it’s solid and doing its thing. Once I figured you need to put your back foot right back when turning, the thing went dreamy. Had one very amazing surf out at, dare I say, Thunders on a recent boat trip where it just felt sensational.


It’s an interesting shape when you have a close look at it. Kinda like Darren has smashed two templates together, say a step up/gun type board for the back half and a shortboard/almost fish for the front half.

The Sweet Spot does have its wider point set a little more forward than you’re probably used to, and it has a very beautifully pulled in tail. And extra foam under the chest will leave you thinking you’ve got the paddle power of Thorpey back in 2000.

On the bottom, you’ll be running a single to double concave that’ll be squirting water out across a nicely rounded pintail shape. FCS for us here with the fin system and you’re blessed with a five fin setup so you can shift between being a tube pig four fin hero or mad hack-attack lord with your thruster setup.

DHD Sweet Spot 2.0 Surfboard Review


This is a board that goes is most conditions, but wow, does it shine when it’s bigger and got some push. First few of surfs I rode it the waves were 2-4 foot and ok, beach break type waves. The DHD Sweet Spot felt ok, went ok, was ok. At this stage, I was thinking this would be an ok board…

It wasn’t until I paddled it out at 6ft (it’ll be 10ft by the end of the article) Thunders that I got a proper feel for how much I would truly shred on this thing. Not being born a screw-footer is one of my life’s highlights, and it was very apparent out at Thunders.

Being able to come from behind a section and rip the top off it at such a wild pace was such an amazing feeling. I’m pretty sure the ghosts of Slater & Co from No Destination were watching on and nodding their heads in approval. My storytelling aside, I found the board is best-suited to 4-6ft (8ft if you’re keen) waves that have a lot of push, or a slab, vibe. Waves you need to get in early on, waves that’ll break a board, waves that might provide you with a ride of a lifetime.


The DHD Sweet Spot is part of the DHD Travel Series of boards, it’s a board you pick if you’re travelling, tube hunting, or escaping reality. Ride this 24/7 and you’ll still be enjoying surfing and doing plenty of CBW’s (henceforth known as chrisbrownwrapaounds). Although you might struggle a touch when it’s 2ft, you’ll shine once the swell starts to kick.

The DHD Sweet Spot is not a high-performance everyday board, it’s not a groveller, it’s a semi step up board/second board to add to your quiver, the type of board you’d ride when it’s heaving at your local and you don’t want to snap your shorty, or like we mentioned, canvassing the globe chasing barrels.

The DHD Sweet Spot is a board you should get if you’re about to slip over to Indo (or any destination you’re going to get tubed) and use it like a swiss army knife. It’ll be a nice backup board in case you snap your shorty, but it’ll really shine when you paddle out at Rags right and start sliding in under the curtain while your mates go diving for lobsters and coming up chasing limes.

DHD Sweet Spot 2.0 Surfboard Review


Whether you’re the slab hunter, mad traveller or just the guy at home who needs a little extra confidence on the bigger days, the DHD Sweet Spot is a great addition to your quiver. Might not be a board you ride a lot, but you’ll be damn happy when you do.

Most of us have more than one board, we’re all gluttons like that, so instead of getting yourself another high-performance shortboard that you’re not going to shred one I suggest you place that cash on a DHD Sweet Spot.

If you’re running around the beginner to intermediate level, I’d suggest skipping this and getting yourself a Wilko, Monster or 3DV. You’ll have more fun, get more waves and be more stoked on your performance. More waves equals more fun, and that’s the reason we all surf.

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Sweet Spot 2.0
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 by Rodrigo
Great review

Great review! Just got one and waiting for the next swell to try it.

The DHD Sweet Spot 2.0 is widely available globally, anywhere that stocks DH boards are going to have one of these to run your hands over. Need to know the closest? Hit up their retailer page for more info.

Alternatively, you can get all Web 2.0 and buy one online direct from DHD himself (or at least the DHD website). Do that, and chase down a pair of the DHD x FCS Sweet Spot fin sets as well.

Price wise you’re looking at around $900 AUD, which ain’t too bad considering this is a board that’s got a wildly strong glass job and will no doubt last you a long time.

Length Width Thickness Vol (lt) Team
5’10 19 2 3/8 27.5
5’11 18 3/4 2 1/4 26.5
5’11 19 2 5/16 28
6’0 18 3/4 2 5/16 28.5
6’0 19 1/8 2 3/8 29.5
6’1 19 1/8 2 3/8 30
6’1 19 1/2 2 7/16 30.5
6’2 19 5/8 2 7/16 31
6’2 20 2 1/2 32.5
6’3 19 3/4 2 9/16 33
6’3 20 2 5/8 34
6’4 19 3/4 2 9/16 33.5
6’5 20 2 5/8 35

DHD Sweet Spot 2.0 Surfboards

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