Rip Curl is one of the best wetsuit makers in the world. Possibly the best. We’ve used and abused pretty much every model in their line up – from short arms to wetsuit vests, to steamers and spring suits. Some are a lot better than others. Some we’d outright avoid. So, which is the best Rip Curl wetsuit? The answer isn’t quite so cookie cutter. It depends a lot on what kind of surfer you are, what water temp you’re plunging into and how much you’re willing to spend. To help, we’ve created our ‘Best Rip Curl Wetsuit Guide’. If their range changes, we’ll update yearly to make sure the latest rubber is on the runway. Dive bomb into some eBomb, GBomb, and Flashbombs below.

We’ve noticed people drop this search term (rip curl wetsuits) a lot into Google lately, so figured we’d create a handy buying guide for those looking for brand specific wetsuits. If this one isn’t quite you’re cup of tea, hit us back and we’ll try to dial another brand for you.


Let’s start with the banger. The Rip Curl wetsuit which offers the best balance of flex and warmth, irrespective of price. It’s also offered in both mens and womens cuts, so there’s WSL-level gender equality happening all round. The Fusion is basically stitchless, so has seams that don’t leak. It’s also made with flexible E7 rubber with a toasty thermal lining.

This is Rip Curl’s best wetsuit and totally worth it if you can afford the price tag. The only word of advice we’d give here is try the thing on first. The sizing is a touch smaller than their other suits because of the different seam tech, so you may have to step up a letter to ensure you’re in the best fitting option.

Get the 3/2mm if you’re in places like Sydney, West Oz or similar.
Get the 4/3mm if you’re in places like California, Bells, or similar


If you’re all about flexxx but don’t want to do the xxx nude surf, then you’re going to love the Zipperless Rip Curl E-Bomb. It’s not quite as warm as the Flashbomb Fusion but is SO much more flexible. The most comfortable, stretchy suit in Rip Curl’s line up for sure. It’s also really well priced for what you get. Probably their best value (but not cheapest) suit too. We’d probably only ever get this in the 3/2mm version, since if you’re in proper cold water you’re still better off with a thermal lining. However, it’s a personal fave and well worth wrapping around your rig to truly understand how good it is.

Get the 3/2mm if you’re in places like Sydney, West Oz or similar.
Get the 4/3mm if you’re in places like California, Bells, or similar


Until now our advice has been unisex. No matter what gender you are, the best is the best when it comes to flex and warmth. However, for summer wetsuits there seems to be a solid gender divide between preference on short leg vs short arms. Obviously, not everyone feels this way, so let’s not turn this into a one-suit-fits-all prescription. However, sales data tells us that women prefer a long arm short leg (go this one in warmer climates or this one if you need a little more toast). Meanwhile men tend to prefer short sleeve steamers, it’s E-Bomb all day here


Some other brands you have to make sacrifices when it comes to kids wetsuits. They’re either not that flexy, not that warm, or not that colourful (parents like to be able to see their kid better in the water). However, Rip Curl’s Junior Flashbomb is really warm, really stretchy and offers some fun vibes along the way too. If you’re looking for something super well-priced, you’re probably not going this option though. It’s more for those willing to fork out and hopefully hand things down to little bro or sis to be the best value for money.  

Get the 3/2mm if you’re in places like Sydney, West Oz or similar.
Get the 4/3mm if you’re in places like California, Bells, or similar


Did you think this was a Rip Curl rubber party? Not really. It’s more about helping you get a better wetsuit. If you’re thinking of forking out for a good old Rip Curl Dawn Patrol, save your cash. Funnily enough, it’s probably RC’s bestselling wetsuit line in terms of volume, but that’s only because it’s one of the cheapest. Rip Curl is a premium brand and their most premium wetsuits are definitely the go. The Dawn Patrol suits are durable, but they’re not as flexible/comfortable as the top options. For bargain seekers wanting higher performance rubber go for a Need Essentials instead. It’s hard to beat them in terms of bang for buck. They’re not as good as Rip Curl’s top suits, but they’re still excellent at less than half the price for those wanting pure value.