Winter Wetsuits 2024

Winter isn’t coming. It’s here. Crispy mornings are back, winter swells rolling in. Depending where you’re surfing, you’re either already deep into 3/2 land and maybe thinking 4/3’s already.

Our wetsuit guide this year has shifted a bit. Instead of a guide for each section this year we’ve put them all in one – Premium Pete, Middle of the Road, and Value. We picked out four suits for each segment that we think are worth your time to read over but we definitely haven’t included an exhaustive list. If you still have questions after reading this, throw us a DM on IG. We’re pretty good getting back to you quickly. Note that all prices are in Aussie dollars.

Hit the links below to jump to the section that interests you most or just scroll through the lot of them. A whole bunch of good looking rubber is on offer here.


Premium Winter Wetsuits

You might get sticker shock looking at the best premium wetsuits. They can get expensive. These the bee’s knees and have all the bells and whistles you’d want. Before everything went tits up cost wise, Premium Wetsuits were priced above $550AUD in our minds. It’s closer to $650AUD and above now. Either way, they’re the best money can buy. A lot of people want the best so here you go, Elon Musk.

Florence 3/2 CZ$999

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Is it worth $1k? Yes. Yes, it is. It’s a marvellous piece of neoprene wizardy. And given how other wetsuit brands have increased their prices, $1k (vs 800 at Rip Curl ) is all of sudden looking okkkkkkk. But, you can get suits almost as good for a lot less. If you do have the cash, and want to splash, the 3/2 will keep you so damn toasty (even at Bells I reckon – with boots) and it’s a fantastic cut with lots of flexibility. If you look after it you will get multiple seasons. We reviewed it over here, if you want some in-depth thoughts.

Rip Curl Fusion$799

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No stitching here, none. No stitches. Rip Curl has implemented their Fusion Dry Seam Tech on a new suit this season and in all honesty, those seams are a great piece of work. If you look at the seam you’ll see what they did, and maybe like me you’ll be like – ahhhhh, that makes so much sense.  Lot tighter seals means leakage and shrinkage. You still get all the bells n whistles you expect from Rippy – fit, performance and warmth and so on. It’s just at $800, bit of a squeeze…

Patagonia R2$799

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I put this in here because it’s an impressive update from Patagonia, and it’s an eco pick as well. Patagonia have delivered a new suit that is much lighter, better performing and easier to wear than their previous ones. If you pick one up you’ll notice the new lining and seam placements along with the lighter overall weight in your hand. Great to see the brand who put us on to non-neoprene wetsuits getting themselves back in the performance ring (which add that to their durable reputation and you’re getting a solid suit!).

Billabong Furnace$749

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This suit from Billabong is a fantastic suit – on value, on comfort and on performance. I’m a big fan of the current cut of ‘bongs premium suits. The last couple of seasons they’ve really nailed it. This Furnace ain’t much different. Graphene for warmth, power (liquid) seams to keep the water out, and I really like their chest zip system. The bat-wing goes over ya head before zipping up so you don’t get much water down there at all. If you’re chasing a similar version of this suit and want the eco option, the Furnace Natural is available for $50 less!

A little cash, but nothing fancy

Middle of the Road Winter Wetsuits

Middle of the Road pricing for wetsuits used to be a dead category. Now, it’s alive with value. There has been a resurgence of quality suits and extra features from brands wanting to win (or win back) customers. If you know what you’re looking for, you can get some solid wins. Don’t know what you’re looking for? That’s why we exist. Plenty of thermal linings, stretchy rubber and excellent finishings. Let’s have a looksee.

Rip Curl E-Bomb$499

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Well touch my toes and call me flexy, this thing is looooooose. It’s like someone sprinkled pixie dust on the shoulders of the wetsuit, it’s that joyful to paddle in. The single panel up top keeps everything fancy free with the neoprene moving along with every swing, dip and gull swoop. The E6/E7 portion has more than enough give to keep the hips, back and knees feeling unrestricted while somehow support. Seriously. A review of the most recent e-bomb we’ve reviewed is over here, if you’re chasing something to read before purchasing.

Xcel Infinti$499

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The Xcel Infiniti Suit is gunna hit the sweet spot for those wanting a warm, stretchy wetsuit that’s built to last and won’t break the bank. For the price there’s plenty of bells and whistles in the materials. The design itself is rock solid with Xcel’s Radiant Rebound tech, an easy to use chest zip, and great attention to detail finishing. Hello magnet closure! We have a review of it over here, if you’re chasing some more in-depth thoughts

O'Neill Hyperfreak$469

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Couldn’t tell you the last time I used or saw an O’Neill suit, but their reputation precedes my piddly corner of the internet. As one of the OGs of the game, they’ll always get an inclusion in guides like this. They invented wetsuits for us, how good is that! Their new Hyperfreak is a banger of performance and value. If you take the reputation of their Hyperfreak series (wildly flexy and light), throw in updated TB neoprene and firewall, then add their TB3X liner you have one helluva suit.

Vissla New Seas U-Zip$420 $650

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Vissla continue to churn out amazing value and great product. Did you know they deliver around 80% of their range in enviro materials? Everyone should do more reading and research into Vissla. This is their latest/greatest with the patented U-Zip (from Axxe) now integrated into their more affordable collections. At $420 this thing is a steal. This entry system is top two in my books – I constantly call it out to anyone who asks me about wetsuits, most likely it’s annoying but the entry, the entry is amazing.

**I screwed up the pricing and grabbed USD instead of AUD. Apologies

Value, baby!!

Value Winter Wetsuits

Value, affordable, bang for buck. These value wetsuits have an entry-level price tag but not necessarily entry-level features. Thanks to the direct-to-surfer revolution, quite a few brands have made inroads with excellent function. Instead of draining your wallet, your can wear one and do drop wallets instead. Given today’s cost of living increases, that’s a sight for sore mortgages. As always, buyer beware. Some of the value wetsuit options have reduced warrantees compared with the top dogs.

SRFACE Remix$350

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These guys, SRFACE, aren’t new but they aren’t stalwarts either. Out of Europe, SRFACE has been making wetsuits for a hot minute and are worth checking out. This is their performance, with Japanese rubber, and comfort focused suit and it’s impressive! If the kept the same cut as the suit I’ve used before, then this should be an winner for sure.

Project Blank Rituals$350

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Honestly, I have not surfed in one of these but the people I know who have worn them (and bought them) tell me it’s a comfortable fit and a great price. Had a couple compare PB to other value focused brands and felt that Project Blank is pretty good value in comparison. This one, their Rituals suit, has Yulex rubber and liquid seams so flex might be sacrificed a bit for warmth but should be a good suit overall. Solid price and PB are always doing sales. So just wait, you’ll save more.


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My experience with Need has been amazing, so you might take a touch of subconscious bias into my thoughts. This suit, the one with liquid tape, is the one for me. Anyone who’s been reading this site for a while would know my feelings on leaks, always liquid tape if it’s offered! But they make an identical suit without liquid tape and it’s cheaper too. Can’t lose here: super cheap and great value. I am always having mates flip up between Need and PB.

Peak Climax Pro$200

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Remember Peak? We don’t see them as often as years gone by. I think the last noticeable moment was with Kerrsy riding for them. Given they’re basically Rip Curl suits but a season or three older, you’re always going to win here. This one is a 3/2mm Zip free wetsuit featuring lightweight and flexible X-Stretch neoprene in the arms, shoulder and knees, thermal mesh chest and back panel and a key pocket. At under $200, it’s a solid back up suit if you’re flush. Great suit if you’re stuck for pennies. Win.