Much like the RVCA suit we reviewed earlier this week, the Volcom Modulator Wetsuit is a newcomer to the Wetsuit market – in sorts. They have been producing wetsuits for their team riders for a while, but only recently decided to make their en masse and available to the public.

“This 2/2mm full comp suit is vital to complete your wetsuit quiver. This suit can handle all spring and summer time conditions. It features an internal rapid-dry thermal lining for the perfect amount of warmth and flexibly. The entire wetsuit is made from the highest grade light weight limestone-based neoprene. The front chest zip allows for easy entry and exit. All seams are glued, taped and blind stitched for maximum strength and seal.”

We tested the suit to see if Volcom delivered on that promise. Here is your Volcom Modulator Wetsuit review for 2023…

Volcom Modulator Wetsuit


Limestone Neoprene Rubber, solvent free water based Aqua X Glue and recycled neoprene

4 Way Strecth

Durable 4-way stretch, ensuring maximum flexibility


Highest grade limestone based neoprene available


The Volcom Modulator Wetsuit is great for those chasing a different look in the water, those who need to save some cash or just those keen to try something new. It has a bunch of sustainability bells (limestone rubber, 100% recycled jersey, water-based glue) while still having the superflex whistles. The is also some internal thermal material that helps elevate warmth, but as a 2mm all over, this is strictly for the warm blooded.

By that I mean it’d be perfect for Coffs Harbour and North in the winters, or hotbods who are happy to generate their own heat in California. Probably a perfect summer suit for those in California or Bells, where you still might need a summer (except for Darty) but want a little less rubber.



It’s good, I was in between sizes so there’s a chance my experience will be different to yours. Traditionally (meaning a long time ago, in a distant galaxy far away) I was a Medium, but now I’m much more cuddly and find myself running a Large and Volcom don’t do the Large Short models. So, I was running long legs, tight belly and long arms. They fit that fitted me though, was impressive. Being in between two sizes wasn’t that much of a stretch (hello!) as it could have been. The entry system was a breeze, seriously impressive for a new comer (the materials are stretchy af which helps) and I wasn’t ever really thinking – y’know what, I’m not comfortable right now…

A decent 7 out of 10 here.


There’s a chance my following statement might have you DM”ing or emailing me with a lot of questions, or some abuse. I dunno, don’t quite care, but this thing is super flexible. It’s as flexible as an e-bomb from Rip Curl – there I said it. BUT.

Flexible and light it’s a dream to surf in, get in/out of, probably amazing to be an all day wetty wearer tbh…

While it’d make Helen Parr look stiff, it doesn’t have the structure or stability in the materials to be a proper competitor to the throne just yet. You will find it after quite a few surfs you’ll get the dreaded droopy arm or leg happening. This happens when you have wildly stretchy rubber, but perhaps not the most stable jersey lining (wetsuit nerds help me out here).

Will throw it a 8 here.


Look, it’s a 2mm so you can’t go expecting the world out of something this thin. For a 2m tho, it was warm given the parameters. The issue was that it leaked, a fair bit, and from the get go you’d get a rush of water hitting you all over the joint. I’ll say it might have been different if it was 3/2 thought. Why? Think of 2mm, like seriously think of it, its SUPER thin. Now think of someone trying to thread the needle on a GBS seam and not bust through the other side when stitching your suit together. There’s more chance you threading a 4ft tube at Kirra.

With all that said, which I hope made sense. I’ll throw the suit a 7.


If you’re looking for a suit is performance focused and is comfortable but you can’t drop the required bills to grab Rip Curl’s E-Bomb, Bong’s Revolution or O’neills Hyperfreak Fire then you’ve come to the right space. This is the suit for you, like I said in the performance section – this thing is flexible, light and a dream to surf in. You’ll run into some issues around durability, and my guess is it’ll be a back up suit for next season. But at $450 and with Volcoms current warranty, you’re getting a solid run of value here (plus if you buy one now – Oct 2023- you’ll get a changing poncho for free)

Your suit is warranted against manufacturer defects pertaining to the workmanship of the product for a period of one (1) years from the original purchase date.

7.5 out of 10 here.


This suit was a wild surprise, no word of a lie. Going in with it I wasn’t expecting much at all, but it definitely blew my hair back with its performance. The fit was impressive, the performance was impressive, the area it kinda let me down was warmth/leaks. But you can’t win them all and for their first season in the wetsuit game it was an impressive debut.

If you have a similar experience to me, you will feel pin leaks straight away, if not solid flushing in that first duck dive. That all subsides in about 10-15mins and you’re left in the land of gymnastic flexibility which is great when you’re old and stiff. Obviously a 2m is not a suit for winter in the south regions of Vicco, etc but I imagine you’ll get away with it in Vicco in Summer, or north of Sydney in Winter.

At $100 less the e-bomb, it’s pretty hard to turn down. Especially if you like to turn your suits over ever season. And I can only imagine that this is just the start for the Stone in the wetsuit world and the 2024 and beyond Volcom Modulator Wetsuit will make this one look like a dodgey old wreck from yesteryear. Would actually be interesting to find out who’s designing their suits and have a chat – see how much Sheico has to do with them, etc..

Overall Rating

  • Very Stretchy!!
  • Eco-minded materials
  • Not quite that durable
  • Leaky
Fit & Comfort 70.
Performance 80.
Warmth 70.
Value 75.
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Volcom Modulator Wetsuit


If you’ve got $450 Australian spare and we’ve convinced to get an Volcom Modulator Wetsuit, then hit the below links and spend up. Like we said, this is a F1 suit for performance, fits well and seems to be warm – it does have it’s issues and you wouldn’t pay more then $450 for it.

Buy an Volcom Modulator Wetsuit from :
⋅ Volcom Australia
⋅ Volcom USA
⋅ Volcom Stockists

Alternatively, we’ve pulled together three Winter Wetsuit Buyers Guides if you’re still a little undecided on what to buy:
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