Xcel Wetsuits have long been the preferred brand of surf corelords all over the world. Their no-nonsense, high-quality approach to gear is well founded on years and years of consistent offerings. Previously, we’ve tested the Xcel Dry Lock X top of the wozza option. This year, we’ve gone with the 2019/2020 Sima Wetsuit of the Year winner – The Radiant Rebound (aka the Infiniti LTD in other parts of the world). Here’s what Xcel themselves say about the wetsuit:

Ideal core heat production. The Mens Radiant Rebound 3/2mm Fullsuit Steamer offers warmth through Xcel’s latest Metallic Technology. The way it works is by using a metal lining – it blocks out the cold temperature from penetrating the outer layer, whilst that same lining rebounds and reflects your own body heat to keep you warmer than ever. It also offers new Channel Flex Exterior which reduces weight, repels water and offers amazing stretch for maximum free range of motion.

Let’s see if it lives up to the hype. Here’s your Xcel Radiant Rebound wetsuit review.

Radiant Rebound Lining

Reflects internal heat production and distributes it throughout

Nanoprene Lite

A Japanese Limestone rubber that offers memory & rebound that is lighter, warmer, and softer.

Channel Flex Exterior

Reduces weight, repels water and offers amazing stretch.


The Xcel Radiant Rebound Suit is good for those wanting a warm, stretchy wetsuit that’s built to last and won’t break the bank. For the price there’s plenty of bells and whistles in the materials, the design itself is rock solid with Xcel’s Radiant Rebound tech, an easy to use chest zip, and great attention to detail finishing. Hello magnet closure!

Given it’s one of the warmer 3/2mms (amazing suit for Sydney chill) on the market we tested this year, you could push it in colder waters where other options require a 4/3mm – just make sure you load with boots and gloves (no one like the claw) Do that and you could get away with 12-14 degree water temp – think Bells or Trestles in the middle of winter. If not, give your local concreter a call and see if he can teach you to harden up.



The Xcel Radiant Rebound wetsuit is lightweight, easy to get on and comfortable to wear. I wore a Medium Tall, which did feel a little tighter than other suits I tested in the same size this year. In contrast, Lincoln said about his one “this is the closest feeling to a glove I think I’ve found. It slips on, slides off and feels damn comfortable while wearing it.” 8.5 out of 10 here. 

(Lincoln: I found the zip closure on the Xcel Radiant Rebound to be up there with the O’Neill closure, top two zip options out there in my opinion)


The tighter fit hindered performance on my end a touch, but for a mid-price suit you can tell the flex in the neoprene is pretty amazing. The little channel cuts on the jersey keep things lighter too. Still, if you compare this against the top-priced suits, it’s not the most flexible option on the market. The Billabong Furnace Natural and Rip Curl E6 take that cake. 8 out of 10 here.


Warm like a blanket made from live kittens, but much more humane. The thermal lining does a good job of reflecting your body heat back at you, especially when you’re having a higher work-rate surf. If you’re sitting like a lump waiting for sets on cold mornings, that tech edge isn’t as pronounced though. Like a lot of 3/2mms I tested this year, it’s killer for West Oz or Sydney North, but if you’re chasing polar bears you’re probably chasing a more weapons-grade option. 8 out of 10. 


This is where the Xcel Radiant Rebound really shines. At $470AUD for something so well-finished, with good tech, for a reputable ‘name’ brand, it’s pretty hard to beat. needessentials still trump all the contenders here in bang for buck, but Xcel (and also Vissla – our review) aren’t far too behind with greater warranty and elevated hand-feel in the rubber stakes. When you balance out price for performance, it’s easy to see why this wetsuit has won retail awards. 9 out of 10.


Tim said:
A great value suit from a great wetsuit brand. The Xcel Radiant Rebound is an all-round solid option balancing warmth & flex, then backing it up with outstanding value. It’s the best finished suit I tested this year and it’s up to $200 less at retail than other options, which is pretty crazy. The channel flex jersey and magnetic zip keeper are two areas that especially gave me wetsuit geek micro-stiffies. I did have some issues with the fit being a little tight for me, which is a deal breaker when it comes to wetsuits. One to make sure you try on first, get the right nip and tuck dimensions and then roll into the surf with smiles and rig blazing.

Jimmy said:
All round great suit incorporating some of the technology that has made the Xcel a much loved brand in these tests. However, issues with the entrance and fit of this suit would make me lean towards other options.

Lincoln said:
Again, Xcel continues to prove themselves – for some reason – as the underdog golden find in the wetsuit world. For the price, the value is super strong. They are up there with the Rip Curl and Billabongs, if not better for some people (fit is subjective for everyone).

Overall Rating

  • Great value for tech
  • Very well finished
  • Some fit issues
Fit & Comfort 85.
Performance 80.
Warmth 80.
Value 90.
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If you’ve got $470 Australian spare and we’ve convinced to get an Xcel Radiant Rebound Suit, then hit the below links and spend up. Like we said, it’s real hard to go wrong with Xcel. They are continually one of the best suits season in, season out.

Buy an Xcel Radiant Rebound Suit from :
⋅ Xcel Australia
⋅ Xcel USA
⋅ Xcel Stockists

Alternatively, we’ve pulled together three Winter Wetsuit Buyers Guides if you’re still a little undecided on what to buy:
*Above $550
*Below $350

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