Ding dong… that’s the sound of our first Fantasy Surfer guide for the season arriving at your eyeballs. It’s also the sound of a little bell ding-a-linging in the surf world. The Rip Curl Pro at Easter is one of the most iconic and historic events in surfing. We couldn’t resist dipping back in for our top picks at this event. While the swell forecast is looking like horseshit served with a side of onshore, it was a similar outlook last year and the tail end of the event was kinda pumping (aside from the final!). History is the name of the game at this event, so look at past winners to perform. It’s a deceptively tricky wave to surf well, so rookies generally take a back seat to well wetted veterans. 

With all of that front-of-mind, here’s your best fantasy surfer picks Bells 2023…


Carissa Moore –
Three past Bells wins and a runner up last year. Stats would say Carissa has to be your number one power pick for this event. Power things up for even more back foot, layback juice. What’s wild is that it
feels like Carissa has had a slow start to the year. She’s still #2 in the world. I’m thinking she’ll be back in Yellow after this event. Get her in your team.

Tyler Wright –
Reigning Bells champion hanging out in Tier B. Hello A-grade pick. If you don’t have Tyler in your team, Q-Anon must’ve taken over your brain and you’re just about to start telling your mates about the benefits of drinking anal bleach. Seriously, get your head straight and get Tyler on board. A good sneaky power surfer option as well.


Brisa Hennesy –
The Costa Rican Rocket has been totally off the radar this year. Thing is, she’s been ripping. Hennesy made semis here last year and will be itching to get her first podium finish of 2023 this time around. The best thing about Brisa is she’s ultra adaptive too. 1ft to 6ft, Winki, Bowl or Rincon, she’ll tear the Southern Ocean a new hole. With the shaky forecast on the chart, that versatility is a massive plus.


Caitlin Simmers –
Am I out of my mind?! Am I the one that’s about to start posting on Twitter about bleach? Negative. Let me explain.

Caitlin is a future world champion, I have no doubt. However, after a breakthrough win at Portugal, I reckon this rookie will be a little put off by all of the extra press and sideshow shit she’ll be dealing with right now. You so often see first time trophy holders totally bomb their next event. Caity could be the exception (I’d be stoked if she was) but, with her sitting in Tier A beside Carissa and Molly, I’m struggling to take the gamble. Surer things are more likely to prevail.


Filipe Toledo –
The last two times Bells ran, Filipe won and got a runner up. Combine that with the dogger forecast and you’ve got a prize greyhound who’s just about to tear off the leash. He’s the first person I dropped in my team, primed and powered. He’ll be slicing, dicing and flying into excellent scores all the way to the rankings bank. Get. Him. In.

Ethan Ewing –
If the letter E didn’t exist, Ethan Ewing’s name would be Than Wing. Think about it. By far the best surfer to watch last year at Bells, the guy put on an absolute clinic, carving his way into the hearts and minds of every wanna-be power surfer on the planet. Considering he’s sitting in tier B, it would be a crime against common sense not to have him in your team. Don’t go to fantasy jail, go team Than Wing.


Kolohe Andino –
Oh Brother. Has this guy let my high hopes down a bunch recently. Still, if you can’t give the inventor of the bootie shoey the benefit of the doubt, who can you back? It’s high time Kolohe won a WT event. Could this be it? Probably not, but with him lurking all the way down in tier C it’s hard to find a better pick that could make a podium. 


There, I said it. The only way this lord is going to be surfing beyond the cut is if the WSL gives him the wildcard for the rest of the year (I’d also give it a 100% chance that they do). That’s a good thing, because we’ll get to see him rule Chopes one last time, but he sure ain’t going to be ruling Bells. He doesn’t like the place. The forecast isn’t on his side. There’s simply younger, sprier talent in the draw. Sorry Kelly, that’s the bell tolling on your illustrious career, not the sound of a winning trophy for this event.

On that note, lock your teams! Remember to tweak your picks before Rnd 3 starts and avoid them zeroes. Good luck. Go mad.