Rev up your scooter and pack your tropical wax, it’s time to hit Indo for the new WSL Fantasy Surfer Guide for Bali.

The main wave for this event is Keramas, a cheeky righthander that offers pits, ramps and filthy carve sections. Those sections are especially filthy if the river mouth nearby has flushed out nappies and plastic bags and the occasional dead dog into the ocean too. That’s partly why Corona has named this event the Corona Bali Protected. The island has become the showcase for just how single-use plastic and other junk can choke up our playground if we don’t do something about it.

So, in that spirit, right after you lock in a fire team, go and cross off plastic straws from your shopping list and add on reusable shopping bags. Okay? Right. Let’s do this…


This tier is full of guys that tend to rise up to the surface of every event. Let’s be honest, that’s how tier A should always be. John John is back with a vengeance, Jordy is tweaking his tiny nipples through every turn he lays down and Filipe has flown up the leaderboard with an epic performance at Bells.

Let’s talk about Italo too. The kid is the funnest guy on tour right now, rocking steezy shots on his Instagram and doing wild shit over at Uluwatu during the warm up weeks. He’s also defending champ here. If you’re not sure whether you should put him in your team, go back and watch the heat analyser from his semis and final in 2018. HOLY FULL ROTE, GOATMAN.

Gabby is another who looks head and shoulders above most on tour in terms of talent, yet just can’t seem to squeak past the quarters right now. Those five guys have to be the first people in your thoughts for your team. The rest of this tier are great surfers, but you’re nuts if you’re kicking one of the above out for Kolohe, Seth or Conner. 

In short
Heads – John John and Italo. 
Tails – Jordy and Filipe 
Maybe baby – Medina



This is the biggest block to choose from and probably where the fantasy battle will be won. Noticeable inclusions here since last time include Florida God up from Tier C and Avoca Jesus down from Tier A. While God did surf well at solid Bells, it’s hard to put his bald head in a team when it’ll likely be 3ft fun waves. Jesus is another story though, he’s always solid, especially on rights, so should be a consideration. Other rock solid right-hand carvers include old mate Panda (who also loves Bali) and young mate Igarashi. He’s insane on the tube sense, smart so could be an intelligent inclusion.

One guy who has torn it up here consistently and should be in your team is Bourez. In the two times the event has run, he’s come 2nd. Hello strike rate. Zeke Lau is another Polynesian Prince who carves here and could be someone to sneak in with a lower ownership rate.

Meanwhile, Mikey Wright wowed here in 2018 and will be totally at home rocking a mullet and Bintang singlet on the beach. Slap a Southern Cross Tatt on his back and he’s pretty much an expat local. Jeremy Flores should also factor into calculations. He stabs like an AIDS-ridden ink needle. Stick him in.

Finally, Julian Wilson has to be a maybe. I say maybe because he’s insane at Keramas when it’s good, but has disappointed many a WSL Fantasy fan in the first two events this year. Twice bitten, once shy, or something like that.

In short
Tops – Bourez, Mikey, Kanoa, Flores
Dark Horses – Jesus and Zeke Lau
Maybe baby – Joycey


Here we go. The tier that sees grown men cry after round 2. The dirty turd round, which by the way should just be scrapped. You lose rnd 1 against two other guys, see ya next event. Save us 4 heats of yawns. However, while there is plenty of turd here to turn your nose up at, there’s also some gold to be panned.

Case in point #1 Jack Freestone. If he can’t make at least round 3 on a barreling right hander then I’ll drink a mouthful of Keramas river water. Not really, I don’t want to die. But I think he’s a very good bet. Seabass too if he can tear himself away from his new grom to tear into some Balinese bowls. Griffin Colapinto is another who, if his knee is up to it, could nail some glorious turns to hit the finals series. Right now they’re both in the draw, but if you have them in just keep an eye out in case.

Where you’re probably not going to throw your money is Caio and Jaddy, who despite showing promise haven’t lived up to CT standards in the first two events. Meanwhile, Leo Fioravanti looked much better at Bells and should be feeling that shoulder injury a lot less in the easier lineup of Keramas. Tubes and carves are his pasta and cheese.

In short
Tops – Freestone and Seabass
Dark Horses – Fiorivanti
Maybe Baby – Colaptino



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