The perception of the WCT Brazil event is that the surf is going to be dribbly and polluted, while the beach is chock-full of hot women waving Verde e amerela flags. The reality is, sometimes the surf is heaving and there are just as many hot g-string clad dudes on the beach waving flags as women. Thank god for equality.

Last year, it was more about barrels on finals days than airs and turns, but that doesn’t mean you’ll want to put tube pigs in your team this year. The best bets are surfers who perform in all conditions up to 6ft – small and mushy, tubes, walls, lefts, rights and everything in between. With that in mind, here is your WSL Fantasy Surfer Guide Brazil for the Oi Rio (erm, Saquerima) Pro.


Talk about trying to pick the best of a good bunch. There is so much gold here that Adani could start a mine and save raping the Australian landscape. That’s right, folks, getting all political here on Empire Ave. Back to things that matter more, like our WSL Fantasy Surfer Guide for Brazil – you probably want to pick Filipe for this one. He’s the defending champ, local master and just a fucking shred lord. Airs, pits, anything you can throw at him, he’ll dial up to 11. Get Filipe in.

After that, it’s a very hard pick between Double John and Italo. Any of those two could easily take out the event. Only John has done it here before, and he’s on a roll right now, so maybe he’s the pick. However, Italo is plain ripping. He also has the best Instagram poses right now, so maybe flip a coin.

If you’re wanting someone different, then Kanoa and Kolohe as twin K brothers could take the thing out. Kolohe has semi’ed in Brazil before and taken a second back in 2014. You’d think he’s due for a win. Kanoa is looking Sharp Eye, and is a demon in small and/or hollow waves. A worthy dark horse.

That really leaves Jordy, Conner and Callinan as the three dudes you’re ditching. Any could have a breakout result (Jordy did win in 2013). But there are better bets in this tier and it’s really hard to go for silver deposits with all that glitter shining in your eyes.

In Short
In – Filipe and John John
Back up – Italo
Dark Horses – Kanoa or Kolohe


Oh my lord, looking at this line up is like perving on the beach with binoculars at Rio. Most of the surfers are looking ripped, waxed and oiled up. There’s the odd pasty tourist in here that doesn’t quite belong though, so choose your options wisely.

Rockstar Medina has to be an easy pick. While his results have been mixed in Brazil before, he’s still clearly one of the top few surfers in the world right now. To get him in tier B is a gift. Julian is another who has torn Brazil a new g-string holder in the past and should be raring to go. If he doesn’t final here, his world title hopes are shot. They might be already, but this is definitely the last gasp. Yago Dora is another option who has outshone even high expectations at his home turf. Quarters last year, Semis the year before. That’s one good strike rate for a sophomore contender. Rounding out my top for tier B is Seth Moniz. The kid has pretty much sewn up rookie of the year already and proper rips in any type of surf. He’ll be excited to throw backflips with the best of them, or hunt out tunnels if things get good. A worthy addition to any team.

There is an absolute flood of other great options here too, so I’m just going to gush them out. Owen has been consistent in Brazil and could blaze if the swell forecast is good. Michel is a past winner and can never be counted out. Wade finished 2nd at this venue last year and continues to be consistent. Michael Rodriques looked spicy in Bali and will be getting on the Acai bowls in Brazil to keep that energy up. There are also Brazilian contenders like Peterson Crisanto, Caio Ibelli and Deivid Silva to work up the crowd into a frenzy. Jack Freestone has also had his best ever CT result in Brazil and could be a pick.

The only guys I’d say are an easy ditch are Kelly (frankly, I’d be surprised if he turns up) and Ace. Yes, Ace has done well in Brazil before, but that cyborg knee seems to be hobbling him. Better options above.

In short
Rips – Gabby, Julian, Yago, Seth

Dark tips – Owen, Bourez and Rodriguez
Forget its – Ace and GOAT


Oooweee, De Souza is back!!!! He’s in my team faster than a favela trigger finger. Boom. The guy is insane in Brazil and has that much courage and determination, I would expect his return to be nothing short of gutsy. Aside from the Bull, Seabass, Pinto and Jaddy-Baby have epic nicknames and therefore should be in your considerations. Jessie Mendes has no good nickname, and generally would be in the bin because of it, but if he’s going to shine anywhere this could be his event. Another possible option. Zeke Lau also made semis here last year, so could be a dark horse you’d not normally expect to smash it in Brazil.

Joan Duru and Soli Bailey are two guys I’m not expecting big things from this event, so keep them on the sideline for when Chopes comes around soon.

In short

Yes – Seabass and De Souza
Maybe – Pinto and Jaddy Baby
No  – Joan and Soli

Hopefully, you found some value with our WSL Fantasy Surfer Guide for Brazil. With that, lock ‘em in and fantasise about being showered in winner’s champagne come finals time.

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