Hands up who wants to see this next West Oz event actually held at Margies main break? Anyone? Nope, didn’t think so. Hello to The Box. Huzzah to North Point. Uluwatu maybe? Don’t get your hopes up, Panda.

The good news is, the swell forecast is looking pretty sick for the WSL event at Margaret River. There will, of course, be some action at main. But, at least it’ll be solid and offshore. There should also be at least a day at The Box, if not more. That means you’re going to want to stack your team with natural footers and the occasional goofy footer who knows how to ride that ghost house of a right-hander. Clue, there’s only one.

To find out who, here’s your WSL Fantasy Surfer Guide for West Oz 2019


To win at Margies, you have to be heavy footed. Its raw power demands power in return, and there aren’t too many guys on tour with more grunt than some of the guys in tier A. Case in point is John John Florence. Unless you’re an alcoholic amnesiac, you’ll remember his history defining performance in 2017, where he scored double 9s in just about every heat he surfed. No one could touch him. The forecast is similar to that year, so there’s a good template for who you should pick in your team. Kolohe Andino finished 2nd to John in both the final and the shit bumfluff goatee competition that year, so is another likely candidate to slide into the squad.

Aside from those two, there is a full stable of power mongers – Jordy Smith, Conner Coffin and Jeremy Flores. All are ripping right now, hence their current top rankings, but Jordy has to be the most in-form for me. He’s also got more back foot push that a striker for the Bafana Bafana (Google it) and will be throwing that lion’s mane of hair around to full effect. Get him in.

The only guys you might second guess at all are Kanoa Igarashi, Italo and Filipe Toledo. Sure, Filipe has a fluffy beard to rival Jon and Brother, but can he match their power in waves with push? He did finish semis in 2017, so anything could happen. Kanoa is coming in hot from Bali, so it will be interesting to see how that form continues too. Italo has surfed well at Margies in the past, but considering his ankle injury, and the need to stomp end turns on the bricks at this wave, I think he’s an easy no.

In Short
Fluffy – Double John, Kolohe
Roughy – Jordy
Nuffy – Italo


As always, this tier has more teeth than a Great White looking to get his smile on an international live feed. There’s plenty of talent, so I’ll stick with the top of that lot. Gabriel Medina has just dropped into tier B and is simply surfing too rabidly not to have in your team. Him and John looked lightyears better than anyone else when the surf was solid at Bells this year, so he has to get a start at this event. The Box could be an Achilles heel though since he’s lost there before. Badly. The only Stinkfoot that has shone at the hardest backhand wave in the world is Owen Wright. He nailed a perfect ten out there a few years back that could have been a twenty, then backed it up with a solid 8.5. All on a day when natural footers like Adam Melling took some of the most spectacular wipeouts you’ve ever seen. Get him in faster than his hair is thinning.

Michel Bourez is another one who should be a start. He’s won this event before, was proper TEARING at Keramas (cough, ripped off, cough), and will have his killer instincts ready to tear anything, or anyone, who gets in his way to pieces. Julian has been a favourite at this wave in the past as well, and seems to have shown a little form in Bali. If he doesn’t turn his year around immediately, he’s cooked, so has all the motivation he needs to kick into hi-fi gear.

Other guys who could go big are rookie Seth Moniz, defending champ Panda, and the mother fucking GOAT. Kelly was tearing at Keramas and had the judges loving his bald butt, so could ride that momentum into a solid result in the West.

Easy leaves for me include Yago Dora, who’s goofy as well as being outpowered by heavier footed surfers, Deivid Silva who’s in exactly the same camp, and Ace Buchan who’s cyborg knee just makes me wig out every time I see it.

In short
Rips – Bourez, Julian, Gabby, Owen
Dark tips – GOAT, Seth
Forget its – Yago, Silva


Oooweee, there’s actually some pretty tasty options in this tier. Partly because of event withdrawals, and partly because some shredders haven’t lived up to their ability in the first few comps. First, is Seabass. Previous event winner, holder of the best 10-point ride to ever go down in WA, and general three-thumbed bandit. He has to be in your squad. There’s also Leo Fiorivanti, who made quarters here one year and just really suits waves with more juice.

There’s also Zeke Lau who’s taking the cake right now for saddest face on the WSL profile shot rankings. He could blaze here and turn that frown upside-down. There’s also cuzzy bro Richardo Christie, who’ll be flicking his dread hair and glaring his crack-eyed death stare at all his competitors. Just look at his profile shot and you’ll see what I mean. Chulling.

Wildcards are always a factor in WA too, especially if The Box or North Point come into play. Frederico Morais will be one to watch at any venue. Jack Robbo or Jacob Wilcox are other options, depending on who gets the nod by the powers that be. Crew to leave out are Jesse Mendes and Jesse Mendes. Feels like I’m targeting goofy footed Brazilians to ditch this time around. Don’t worry, they’ll be in favour once we cha cha over to Rio next event.

In short:
Yes – Seabass and Fioravanti
Maybe – Zeke Lau, or Christie
No – Mendes

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