Claque mon cul et m’appelle papa, it’s time for the Quik Pro France! This fast turn around has me feeling almost as rigid as a stiff dawn breeze. To make things even more exciting, Hossegor is the one of the funnest, least predictable stops on tour. It could be rippable 2ft lefts, heaving 12ft rights or anything in between. That means you need all-rounders that revel in tricky seas and can perform no matter what gets thrown at them. These days, that’s most of the tour, but there are some who perform much better than most. Let’s find out who those guys are with our WSL Fantasy Surfing Guide France – for the Quik Pro France 2019…


When writing up our WSL Fantasy Surfer Guide France, you’ll see that Tier A is a proper goldmine this event, making it harder than ever to pick. Gabby is on a heater from the last three events, with a win and second and a win respectively. Throw in his amazing history at Hossegor and you have a tasty croissant just waiting to be plucked off the patisserie shelf. Julian is also, dare I say it, an amazing option. He is defending champ. He has multiple other semis and quarters here, plus he finally looked in solid form at the last event. That big spin he pulled off was the best air of the whole rodeo in my opinion. Lasso him into your squad.

If you do lock in those guys, you’ll be forgoing some other solid options. Kolohe Andino has been ultra consistent in France year after year, and if you believe he’s destined for a win soon, this would be one of the places where it’s most likely. World champion of fun, Italo Ferreira could blast the dick togs off the French crowd this year and send them into a nude cheering orgy the likes of which we have never seen. Owen Wright is on a hot trot too and loves a heaving barrel like a raver loves pingers.

Considering that wealth of choice, there have to be a few guys who need to be cut from the considerations. For me, that’s Filipe, Kanoa and Jordy. Filipe has only made quarters here once in the last five years and is currently rocking a back injury that could maybe even see him pull out of the event. Kanoa hasn’t even made quarters here before at all. Jordy is borderline, with a semis and a quarters here previously, but when you stack him against Gabby and the other guys, he’s a pretty big risk. Save the big bru for Portugal.    

In Short
In – Gabby and Julian

Back up – Kolohe
Leave – Kanoa and Filipe


When picking out surfers for our WSL Fantasy Surfer Guide France, I found that this is a weird tier for me. On one hand, guys like Ace and Le GOAT are some of the first options that stick out, especially if you’ve been a surf fan for a long time. Both have won France before and are always a presence in the water. However, when you look at the last five years, you’ll see Ace hasn’t even made quarters and Le GOAT only just barely got there once in 2014. On the flip side, you’ve got raging talents like Ryan Callinan and Conner Coffin, who don’t have a lot of history, but if you go on last year alone were a couple of the biggest stand outs. Conner especially has been tearrrrring this year too. You also have Seabass, who is known for being certified bipolar when it comes to consistent results. Yet, the last two years he’s had a 5th and a 2nd, only losing to Gabby each time. Then there’s French hopes Michel Bourez, Joan Duru and Jeremy Flores, who could sniff out a pit blindfolded and ball-gagged, yet haven’t been able to rustle up even a quarter-bag between them in recent memory. It seems going with your gut here could get you a bad case of fantasy poisoning.

That means, I’m going to temper my choices between feel and figures. Seabass has the best recent history, and he’s a legend, so, he’s in. Conner and R-Cal are also solid new options who should perform again this time around. That leaves the last pick wide open. Guys that are easy leaves are Yago, Panda, Silva and Carmichael. No history or gut feel there, no start. Unfortunately, squad France has to rank up there too. It seems that the Curse of Tiago runs strong in Europe’s veins.   

Seth Moniz could fill the slot – an epic dark horse for punchy barrels. Griffin Colapinto and Caio Ibelli are others that could be dreamy – although in tough conditions will be hard to rely on. If the forecast is good, then Kelly and Ace would be safe picks to get some points on the board. Ultimately, I think I’ll take a little bit of a risk and go with Seth. His consistency this year has been impressive for a rookie and I reckon that level head will help him in France.

In Short
In – Seabass, Conner, R-Cal, Seth
Back up – Le GOAT or Ace
Leave – Anyone with a French flag on their rashvest


Like blue cheese at a wine tasting, the smell of desperation is hanging heavy on this tier. Everyone is vying for requalification and are badly looking for results to bump up above the cut for the 2020 tour. Every time I look at Zeke Lau’s profile photo I see that sadness in his eyes and hope he’ll get a result. Considering his talent in heavy water, he could break out for a points-boosting result here. However, with a 13th and 25th here during previous starts, it’s hard to put him in. Then there’s Ricardo Christie, who has nailed nothing but 17ths this year. At least he’s consistent, but if you want someone to rustle up a win, he ain’t your guy.

I’m going to look at some positivity and grit to lift myself out of the funk of tier C. First, is Jadsen Andre. Already qualified for 2020 through the QS, Jaddy Baby has also come a crazy 2nd in France against John John Florence that big year in 2014. I’m hoping he’ll channel that energy into another finals birth this time around, proving he belongs in the top tier of world surfing. There’s also world champ and prize fighter Adriano De Souza. I have no idea why he pulled out of the pool, but this event is definitely more his style. He made quarters here last year and semis back in 2015, so is one of the few other guys with proven results at France in the draw. Assuming he doesn’t pull out, he has to be an option.

There’s also Leo Fioravanti as a maybe in the draw, along with fellow Euro Frederico Morais. Both are INSANE at this wave so could ruffle some feathers. Ones to consider for sure. Soli Bailey is another tube hound who could be worth a sniff, while Peterson Crisanto could be an option as a rookie. Ultimately though, I’m going with experience here choosing Jaddy and De Souza. I’ll be watching closely for swap ins, should Adriano drop from the draw (ADS has pulled out – reinjured his knee), and if so, Freddy is probably my first choice there.

In short
Yes – Jaddy and Freddy
Maybe – Soli or Zeke
No  – Christie

And with that, our WSL Fantasy Surfer Guide France is done – time to lock ‘em in and fantasise about being showered in winner’s champagne come finals time.

WSL Fantasy Surfer Guide France

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