The mid-season cut has just sliced a razor across the tour. We’re now hitting Indo with a seriously trimmed field for the Quik/Roxy Pro G-Land. Even more exciting for fantasy surfing is that this event ramps up to add 1.5x points to your overall year total. Like a double-up going from Launching Pads into Speedies, things are getting more and more critical as we go down the line. There’s also the fact that scores won’t count until round of 16 for the men and quarters for the women, without a reduction in the amount of picks we need to make. Essentially, you’ll just be trying to choose the winners of each heat in that round and there’s your full squad. Powering up the eventual event winner is going to be crucial if you want to jump up in your own rankings. Many factors to consider, Joe.

G-Land is obviously a long, powerful, hollow left, leaving goofies and tube pigs with a solid advantage. What many might not know about this wave is that it’s incredibly tricky to find the best waves that link. Luck will play a factor and wiley seadogs who can read the ocean well will also step up toward the podium.

With that in mind, and a good swell set to rock the reef on day one of competition, here are your best fantasy surfer picks for G-Land 2022.


It’s wild scenes in the women’s draw for tier A and C especially, with only a couple of surfers to choose from and a chance that at least one (or all) of them will be gone before you even lock in your team. That could totally make any advice obsolete here and you’d simply go with the last woman standing. However, assuming all make it through, who’s your best option?

For me that’s Carissa. There’s every chance it’s going to be solid pits and with her Hawaiian heritage Riss will be more comfortable than most. Tyler would be my back-up, but only if something weird happens in the early rounds. Riss is my key power option, but I may revert to someone in Tier B (gasp) depending on opening heat performances.

In: Carissa (power)
Back up: Tyler


I’ll keep this simple. Take the two surfers who were in the final at Margies and you have your Tier A picks. Sure, fat rights at Main Break are a world away from G-Land but John John and Jack Robbo are the two single biggest tube whores on the planet. They’ll stuff themselves into any glory hole that comes their way. Gross way of putting it, but also true, and G-Land is all about gaping pits.

The only other surfer I’d seriously consider here is Italo. He’s a beast in barrels and with the forehand advantage will for sure be at the pointy end of the draw come finals day. Kanoa’s a mayyyyyybe if there’s some kind of carnage in the early rounds, or he has an easy match up, but otherwise, go the last final.

In: Double John (power) and Jack Robbo
Back up: Italo


Mark my words, crafty tier B picks will be where fantasy comps are won from here on in. That goes for both mens and womens draws. They’re the biggest fields to choose from and where the upsets (or let downs) will live.

This whole field is packed full of talent for G-Land too. Steph has 7x world titles to her name. Courtney Conlogue is one of the best backhand tube riders in the women’s draw. There’s also Lakey Peak Peterson, who stepped up at Pipeline to prove she’s good in the juice. I’m picking none of them. For me, the two best options are Gabby Bryan and Johanne Defay.

Johanne was born and bred on a long left and is no stranger too shallow reefs. She’s Jeremy Flores’s protege for god’s sake. If she paddles out in his Gath helmet, all bets are off. Gabriela is a dark horse pick but she’s been super impressive this year and can’t be discounted either. Imagine the Gabby Gabby double if Medina wins too. Dreams do come true.

In: Gabby & Johanne Defay
Back ups: The Sea Tiger


Right now, we’re all chewing nails about who to pick in men’s tier B. Don’t worry, it’s a mirage. Half of them will be gone by the round of 16. It’ll make our jobs a whole lot easier. At the moment I have to play the full field, but take it with a healthy grain of ocean salt and be prepared to switch as the draw progresses.

First, the GOAT. Nostalgia dictates you have to start him in your team. If you don’t have him in yet watch this clip. If you still don’t have him in now, you’re either an emotionless wanker with no surfing soul or an anti-anti-vaxxer. All cool. You’re missing out, hater.

Have we ever seen 100% ownership in WSL fantasy surfer history before? We have now. Gabby Medina is back in the draw and is flexing his muscles on Insta to show he’s in beast mode. The guy is defending world champ, on his forehand in waves that suit him like soccer boots fit Pelé. If you don’t have him in, I’m assuming you’re drunk on bootleg Bintang and have gone totally blind.

Next, there’s Nat Young. Goofy footer. Hello. Griffin is riiiiiiiiping and is a weapon in solid tubes, so he’s in too.

For back ups I’m looking at Miggy on his forehand and also Kolohe who’s backhand snap is up there with the best on tour. If it comes down to mixing it up for the judges with turn/tube combos, then brother’s going to be your daddy.

In: Kelly, Nat Young, Griffin, Gabby
Maybe: Miggy and Kolohe


Where’s Moana Jones Wong when you need her? In hollow lefts she’s proven she can beat anyone in the world. After winning Pipe she should have automatically gotten wildcards for G-Land and Chopes as well. Not sure what the story is there, but c’mon WSL, we want to see her surf more.

Rant over, I’m SUPER excited to see Bronte Macaulay in the draw for this event. If you’ve ever seen her surf big Gnaraloo in West Oz you’ll know why. She’s a sneaky dark horse to take out this whole comp. I’ll be dropping cash on her at the bookies as soon as they publish odds. Don’t get in before me and mess my bank. No surprise, I’m picking Bronte here.

Sally is a reasonable option too. Really, you’re flipping a coin with just two to choose from. Sal’s won Cloudbreak before on a good swell with a busted ear, so full fitness here could be all on like Kongs.

In: Bronte
Back up: Sally


Rio Wiada is also hot off his challenger series win and flying into home with a tail wind behind him. Only issue there is he’s going to draw a huuuuge name early so will be up against it. One to have on hold in case he breaks through to the round of 16.

After that, it’s Conner O’Leary. He’s been underdone this year and with his Luke Egan-like approach could chalk up another win for the Aussies at this venue.

Barring that, Jadsen Andre could do wild things at this comp. Word on the street is he’s been charging in pre-comp warm ups. If this Insta post is anything to go by, the rumours are spot on.

In: Rio and Conner
Maybe: Jaddy

That’s it. Good luck. Remember to shuffle them up after round 2 and power up the right pickles.


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