We all want what the pro’s ride, we all think their boards are better than ours. That the shapers give them more love and time (they do), that they feel that little bit better and might make us surf better (you won’t) but overall some of us just want a board of our favourite pro in the quiver collection…

It’s rare you’ll find a pile of ex-team surfboards up for grabs, so when you do you better jump on it pretty damn quick. Right now, JS Industries has a BUNCH of Julian Wilson ex-team boards up for sale on their site. Some with the leftover, but now gone, Hurley sticker. If you’re in the hunt for some ferrari styled boards to surf, or to get one to hang on the wall, it’s an opportunity you’ll want to jump on now – decent price too at $900, considering Julian has surfed them, etc. Find the selection below, and more over at the JS Industries Surfboards sale page.

Air 17

The AIR 17 was built to work for all types of surfers in all types of conditions – if you want to find as much speed as possible in the waves you surf every day, from weak onshore rubbish to overhead perfection, then this is the board that will take you to the next level.

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Monsta 2020

The latest and greatest for 2020 revolves around maximum performance, but with added forgiveness and fine tuning for each board’s desired conditions. We needed the new Monsta to provide spark for explosive manoeuvres in everyday waves, while being predictable and reliable in pumping surf from our backyard at Snapper & Kirra to destinations like Cloudbreak.

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The Forget Me Not II is the pinnacle of high performance equipment in decent to absolutely firing surf. We’ve developed this board from the original FMN to now be better than ever in pumping waves, but with more user-friendly design features overall. This allows you to get into waves earlier & easier, while maintaining the perfect level of control in quality conditions and high speeds.

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If you’re keen for even more surfboard content, we’ve got a tonne of surfboard reviews up recently. With the Channel Islands Mid getting a lot of attention, the  MF Softboards Catfish, Christenson Fish (a really fun board, and one you keep forever) and more. Take a look at our product reviews page for more.