Onboard Store is, in my opinion, the Holy Grail of hardware stores in Australia. The joint is a proper Disneyland of surfboards, surf hardware, wetsuits,  and anything you need to go surf. We giving you a good look inside their Mona Vale store, scroll down.

Onboard Store is my favourite surfboard/surf hardware store in Australia. Why?

Probably because it stayed true to being a proper surf hardware set up while the rest of industry chased down malls, etc. That’s probably a stretch of a statement but I don’t consider a surf shop a surf shop if it’s only selling clothes, etc. You need boards, you need wetsuits, trunks, etc. You need the things that make ‘going surfing’ possible. Rip Curl stores kept (the Torquay one (Quik too) was always full of boards.

Onboard Store has been around for a while, but not as long as Onboard Industries (which is something I’ll cover in a later post), and is kinda where the bar is set for surf hardware retailers in Australia. I’ll cover my ass by saying that I mean in showcasing the things you need to go surfing and setting up a space that isn’t over crowded or have staff that aren’t quite right or just a shi

From a brand perspective you have probably one of the wider ranges of different surfboard manufactures under the one roof in Australia. At Onboard they manufacture surfboards from Channel Islands, Simon Anderson, Tokoro, Chris Christensen, Town & Country, Insight and Haydn Lewis for Australia. They also distribute Catch Surf Surfboards, Buell Wetsuits, and Salt & Stone Natural Skincare. See what I mean? They keep busy…

They also have multiple stores, so if Onboard Store Mona Vale doesn’t work for you than you can go hit up their Byron Bay Outpost, or one of the three setups in Bali (Padang, Seminyak & Canggu.

Brands That Onboard Store Sell (or distribute)

Inside Onboard Store Mona Vale

About Onboard Store

Onboard Industries is a family owned surf-hardware manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer. Based out of Sydney, Australia, its beginnings date back to 1989, when Mel Hayhoe and Drew Down decided to enter the world of surfboard manufacturing. Ever since, we have strived to build our boards at the highest quality possible, while continuing to offer premium customer service.

Onboard now has retail stores in Mona Vale and Byron Bay, and also three stores throughout Bali in Seminyak, Canguu and Padang. Each store is designed to fit into each community, and our hand-picked staff are made up of people who love to surf.

Onboard Store
4/76 Darley Street
Mona Vale NSW 2103

Ph: (02) 9997 8266

Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri: 9am – 5:30pm
Sat: 9am – 4pm
Sun: 10am – 3pm

A fresh batch of Christenson Surfboards awaits your credit card. And to be honest, probably some of the best boards getting around right now. I have an unhealthy crush on his boards.

What's Going On

It’d be a fail from me if I did a post about Onboard Store and didn’t include ‘What’s Going On’, their content series (youtube) focusing on their team riders – what they’re riding, where they live, what’s happening in their lives.

It’s a pretty good little series, thanks in part to the charismatic host who seems to make all the team guys pretty comfortable in front of the camera (generally something most pro’s aren’t great at). Right now they’re up to 5 Episodes with the latest one being with Connor O’Leary (see below). The four before Connor include Wade Goodall, Soli Bailey, Reed Heazlewood & Patty Gudauskas. And if I was a betting man I’d be putting money on one of the next two episodes focusing on their latest signing – Oscar Langburne. Catch up on ‘What’s Going On’ (link)

Alternative Boardstores in Australia

Sitting lumping god like praise on Onboard is great and all, but we also need to point out other surf hardware retailers who are making a push (or have been for years) in case the brands Onboard Store stock aren’t in your lane. Other retailers to have a peek at include:

*The Surfboard Empire (Gold Coast)
*The Board Lab (Gold Coast)
*Sanbah (Newcastle)
*Aloha Manly (Sydney)

If i’m forgetting anyone, please let me know.