MODOM opened their doors about 8 years with the goal of bringing a modern twist to a category that seemed a little stagnant. Starting with grips and some board covers, they’ve now branched out into leggies, soft boards, softgoods and accessories as well locking down what’s arguably one of the most talented team rosters in surf.

The last twelve months, specifically, has been a busy period for Jack and the team at MODOM with some of the highlights being:
*Releasing a short team film (TILT)
*Taking some investment (DHD)
*Signing a top 10 CT surfer
*Opening up a new category (Softboards)

We thought it’d be a good time to have a chinwag about all things MODOM and what to expect coming into 2019. Both Jack and Xavier have slid answers in below along with imagery from a soon to be released product capsule.


EA – Why surf accessories?
Jack – We started the company because I noticed the category to be pretty boring and I thought things could be done better with more of a modern twist.

EA – What was the initial passion/idea that made you want to start the company?
Jack – I wanted to start a business that would allow me to keep surfing and work in an industry i knew and was passionate about.

EA – How many names and brand marks did you go thru before deciding on this one?
Jack – I wrote down a list of over 100 names and shared them all with my Dad. I then shortlisted the best 6 names and MODOM was the one my Dad hated most. I then figured out he wasn’t the demographic I was targeting so it must be good and stuck to my guns and called it MODOM.

EA – Share some examples?
Jack – VICE Traction, MODERN SURF… If you saw the list you would cringe at the majority of them…


EA – What are the top 3 essential design elements that go into making a good tail pad?
Xavier – Functionality is at the top of the list for most. This includes aspects like weight/size/outline/EVA density/EVA texture all under the functionality roof. Aesthetics, The look of the thing is a big deal when it comes to what you want to put on your board. For anyone with any pride in the appearance of their craft anyway. Maybe not a design element but a relationship with a good factory is important here. Ethylene Vinyl Acetate isn’t something you can hammer out in the garage, they need to know their stuff too.

EA – Do your team riders have any input into the design of their signature pad, or is it just colour picking?
Xavier – Yeah with all of our signature traction we work closely with the team, everyone has particular colours, arch’s, density and shapes they prefer. It’s a priority to get each guy psyched on the traction they’re putting their name on!

EA – What’s one thing not many people know about the humble tail pad that may be interesting?
Xavier – Our government has made a commitment to ban non-recyclable packaging by 2025 in an attempt to ‘rescue us from being smothered by our own waste’. Right now most humble tail pads in the market come shrink wrapped in plastic. Perhaps not for too much longer.


EA – What’s actually your best selling size? Is it the comp light leases, or is it standard thickness 6ft length, or?
Xavier – Our number one this season is our standard new clear 6ft leash, the new cuffs are a hit too.

EA – There are silly theories out there that certain colours or clear legropes are stronger than others, or have more memory or stretch. Is there any real foundation for this?
Xavier – Yeah for sure, I heard that clear cord was actually weaker after time in the UV rays, but apparently that’s not the case. Different colours can even have different weights. The production process of a white cord is different to a black cord. I don’t think any are noticeably any better or worse for your average surfer, whatever you are into.

EA – I always break my leashes at the join between the leg strap and cord (doesn’t matter what brand it is) – is this the most common for everyone? Why?
Xavier – 100% the common issue there is the cord shearing off against what is called the ‘horn’ which is the reason why we have a tapered connection point to avoid that problem.

EA – There’s an urban legend that a guy once asked the attendant at a bungee tower in Bali “how often do you replace the rope?”, to which he replied, “whenever it breaks”. How often should I replace my leashes to avoid going swimming, are there telltale signs to watch out for?
Xavier – haha at this risk of sounding like a leash salesman here, if you fork out for a new board you should get a new leash. Leashes from any brand aren’t unbreakable forever. Any leash cord has a shelf life, whether it’s sitting in the garage or getting stretched to the max every day the material is like any other. Until Modom invents one! If you’re serious about your equipment run your eye over the leash before you surf, check for any cuts or scratches, it could mean the difference between destroying a board, swimming to the beach, or having a career session.

EA – What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen someone use a legrope for? ie walking the dog, towing a car….?
Xavier – I have actually really towed a mate’s old commodore out of the mud with one before haha and I’ve seen a mate use one for a dog leash too so you are on the money there.

Modom Interview with Jack Perry

The Future

EA – How has the investment (from DHD) changed the every-day within MODOM?
Jack – DHD is focusing on sales and distribution and we are focused on Brand, Design and Marketing in Torquay.

EA – How has the partnership impacted accounts and opportunities for MODOM globally?
Jack – Its still early days, however, we can see our account base growing both domestically and Internationally. DHD is doing well in a number of countries and we expect MODOM to ride on the back of this success. Xav has been busy designing new accessories to expand our product offering in-store moving forward.

EA – And with the inverse in mind, will you guys be helping DHD with brand/design/marketing?
Jack – We are all working on ideas together to help drive both businesses. I am now managing the DHD Surf Team and plan to have a number of the DHD riders using MODOM as their accessory of choice. I am sure you will see some of Xav’s influence in design across both brands moving forward.

EA – What’s in store for the Xmas sell period? And for next year.. ?
Jack – The Deadly Mondo Soft-board is going to be pushed pretty hard for Christmas along with the new grip and leggies. Also, keep an eye out for a signature soft-board model with a top 10 world tour surfer next year.

EA – With the success of your trunks and vests, are there any additional product categories coming?
Jack – I’d love to build a proper Board-Short range, however, we need to get more runs on the board with our current product offering.

EA – Since TILT has released, can we expect a longer version team clip for 2019?
Jack – Once Taj is back in the water I would love to get the Modom crew together and produce something a little longer and include some of the groms like Dakoda Walters, Noah Beschen, Sammy Pupo and Xav Huxtable.


EA – What do you listen to while you work?
Jack – My Dad’s living in the 70’s mix or SEN for all the latest AFL news.
X – Albert Hammond Jnr via Spotify

EA – What are you currently reading?
Jack – A book about a lady who sailed solo around the world for years. She teaches you how to live simply and enjoy living in the moment.
X – Currently? this email.

EA – The best advice you’ve ever received?
Jack – Spend more time with family and loved ones.
X – We are all going to die. Be less fearful and Live more.

EA – What apps, software, tools can’t you live without?
Jack – Windy TV, AFL app, Spotify
X – Something that plays music, A few Artline pens, I would live without apps and software altogether if I had a choice.

EA – Where do you love to travel, and what won’t you travel w.o?
Jack – Tavarua is my dream holiday. It ticks all the boxes for a family. Good waves, Good Fishing, Good Food, Relaxed vibes and my wife and kids love it.
X – Everywhere, usually with waves nearby, though earlier this year my fam and I drove around a big chunk of Aus, up the centre, Coober Pedy, Uluru, and down the east coast. Fun times.

EA – What cities inspire you?
Jack – Melbourne seems to have it all. Good style, Good Food and Good People.
X – Tokyo, New York.

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