Work In Surf?Jobzilla Is Killer.

Ever experience the clusterfuck of trying to find a job you actually want in the boardsports industry? We have. The funny thing is, it’s wildly hard for brands to find the right people too. Seek or Indeed are just too general for the particular culture fit everyone is looking for.

Instead of whining about the state of the meat market, we decided to build a solution for both sides of the equation. 

Called Jobzilla, it’s a place for giant opportunities (or at least ones that don’t absolutely suck). 

The platform hosts all the best job postings in the surf, skate, snow and lifestyle space, while allowing brands to scout better people too. Check it out >

For Those Looking

If you're looking for a new job the best thing to do is create an account, then load your CV and skills. You’ll then be able to apply for openings in a couple of clicks.

For Those Hiring

Because finding a great job is harder than it should be. Finding great people is exactly the same. So if you're looking for better people to fit your culture, then create an employer account and start hiring.