Billabong have been exploring the sustainability space in wetsuits for over a decade now. Way back in 2009 they came out with the B9 suit – a recycled jersey option, with Japanese limestone neoprene. The suit didn’t sell that well. Truth be told, it was pretty stiff and super expensive.

Tech has accelerated a lot in this space since, with plant-based Yulex rubber taking centre stage with a few different brands (led by Patagonia). Different jersey weaves have been trying for, but not quite achieving, full flexibility too. Until now. This latest Billabong eco wetsuit – the Billabong Furnace Natural – promises to revolutionize how sustainable wetsuits can perform. Here’s what they say about the suit:

“The most sustainable wetsuit we make. Naturally warm and flexible, the Billabong Furnace Natural delivers premium sustainability without sacrifice.”

We tested the suit to see if Billabong delivered on that promise. Here is your Billabong Furnace Natural review for 2021…


Ciclo-Infused 100% recycled Superflex jersey.


FSC certified Yulex pure stretch Natural Rubber foam.


Recycler + Graphene panels for extra warmth


The Billabong Furnace Natural is great for eco-minded surfers who still want an ultra flexible wetsuit. It has all the sustainability bells (yulex rubber, 100% recycled jersey, water-based glue) while still having the superflex whistles. The Graphene helps elevate warmth, but as a 302 it’s not the toastiest option on the market.

If you’re wondering where location wise it suits, it’d be perfect for Sydney and North in the winters, or hotbods who are happy to generate their own heat in California. Something like 14-18 degrees C (55-65F) water temp as a great window.



Fantastic fit. Billabong have had their wetsuit template dialled for a long time now and it’s been used to full effect here. The zip free format is easy enough to get into and keeps things comfy right the way through. The soft feel of the rubber and Graphene is an extra win too – like having velvet-lined jocks on your sprockets. Hard to fault the Billabong Furnace natural in this area. A rock solid 9.5 out of 10 here.


Are. You. Kidding. Me?! I had to double check the label on this wetsuit after coming in from my first surf to make sure it was ‘eco’. Even then, I was baffled. The thing is every bit as good as just about any other suit on the market when it comes to stretch. Super flexible. Great cut leaving full movement when you need it. Shave my hippy dreads and call me a rockstar, this is a major breakthrough for what’s possible in sustainable wetsuits. Can you tell I’m excited? Billabong themselves rate its flex as a 9. I think they underdid it and have dropped a 9.5. Wow.


Mostly toasty. I’d be 100% happy surfing in this thing in West Oz all winter. Same would go for Sydney north, the Gold Coast and other mild water spots. That said, it’s not the warmest 302 I tested this year (eg the Rip Curl Flashbomb 3/2mm edges it out, as does the Hurley Advantage Max). However, the seals are mostly leak-free, the entry has no flushes, and the Graphene gives the boost in boiler stakes. It makes me wonder if Yulex insulation isn’t quiiiite as good as dirty neoprene. Either way, I’m happy to take the extra eco flex and roll with 8 out of 10 warmth.


If there was a poster child for the word ‘value ‘not being the same as ‘cheap’, it’s the Billabong Furnace Natural. The suit is toward the top of the cost scale at $650AUD but is still $50 under Rip Curl’s top flex/thermal lined option in the Heatseeker. Knowing that there are also eco components built in as well and that makes this suit a screaming bargain in my eyes. If you’re wanting to spend a little more to save the planet, and still get something with epic performance, this is your suit. If you’re wanting change from your weekly paycheck though, there might be better options. 9 of 10 here.


Tim Said:

“My personal favourite wetsuit that I tested this year. It’s like opening a present on Xmas day, expecting a Commodore 64 and getting a Playstation 5. A wild surprise. The way Billabong have taken recycled CICLO® fibres and woven it into their jersey should be a flag-in-the-sand moment for the other brands. It’s the new gold standard for eco wetsuit performance. If there’s one area this suit is let down a touch it’s in the warmth stakes. While it’s definitely still snug enough for me in West Oz, I’m thinking polar bear crew will be looking at toastier 3/2mms or jumping up into 4/3mm territory. Warm enough, just not a full ‘Furnace’ like the name suggests. If I’m getting ultra picky I’d also add that the key keeper is in a weird spot for a zipperless and is a bit hard to access. If that’s the biggest problem I can find though, it’s an indication of just how good the Billabong Furnace Natural is overall. The combo of good warmth, amazing stretch, and thoughtful sustainability, means I’m calling it the best wetsuit of 2021. Get one on your tree-loving rig.”

Jimmy said:

“This suit immediately makes you rethink what you know about alternative materials and performance. A game changer and THE SUIT north of Sydney.”

Lincoln said:

“The bar, for Yulex, is now set high with the Billabong Furnace Natural. The stretch difference between Bong and Need/Patagonia is crazy. Gushing aside, my suit actually had some pin leaks (like the Need) and while I wouldn’t really care about it up here on the Goldy, once I was in the ice bath I got cold reasonably quickly. Tim did mention the more you run around in the Graphene the hotter you get, so sitting in an ice bath isn’t the best test for this. A perfect Goldy/NSW suit.”

Overall Rating

  • Flex is WOW
  • Eco-minded materials
  • Excellent fit
  • Not quite as warm as other 3/2s on the market.
Fit & Comfort 95.
Performance 95.
Warmth 80.
Value 90.
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Billabong Furnace Natural Review


If you’ve got $650 Australian spare and we’ve convinced to get an Billabong Furnace Natural Suit, then hit the below links and spend up. Like we said, this is our favourite suit for the season. It ticks all the boxes we should be looking for, more so if you’re Sydney north (get a 4/3 if you’re Vicco)

Buy an Billabong Furnace Natural Steamer from :
⋅ Billabong Australia
⋅ Billabong USA
⋅ Billabong Stockists

Alternatively, we’ve pulled together three Winter Wetsuit Buyers Guides if you’re still a little undecided on what to buy:
*Above $550
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