This is a look at how the US Rip Curl Instagram account (@ripcurl_usa) performed between July – September in 2019. To clarify around why we’ve chosen their US focused account, if a brand doesn’t have a clear ‘global account’ we’ll take their biggest following account instead. Rip Curl have quite a few IG accounts, both geographically and store based, and their US based one currently is their biggest with 1m+ followers. From that we’ve pulled information around likes, comments, engagement but also around Team Riders, Types of Content & Top Performing posts.

The report about the Rip Curl Instagram account uses data that is available to anyone on the outside, so needs to be taken with a grain of salt and could be improved with inside analytics. Still, it’s a good snapshot.

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We’ll be doing one more of these reports in the coming weeks, stay tuned to find out which brand pops up next. In the meantime, head to our social stats page for more reports like this or hit up the Billabong one we released earlier last week.