More surf site stats, more graphs, anyone could be forgiven we’re more of a data driven site then an actual surf site talking about surf products like we initially envisioned (there’s a bunch of board reviews coming shortly, and winter wetsuits too). But in the meantime, hit up this info-graph about the surf sites you read every day.

Why did we do this? 
To be completely honest, I’m following up on the earlier report we did on the surf sites back in early March (here) That report got me interested in digging a little deeper to see how surf sites numbers are trending over a year, but also how they’re looking while we all sit at home thumbing our screens. That, and I like doing nerd stuff like this…

Where’d we get the info from? 
Given that Beach Grit continually used Similar Web when talking about traffic stats, we figured we’d use that as well. It gives all sites an equal footing/benchmark to be measured against. That, and using their Facebook and Instagram numbers as well.

The outcomes?
This report is about averages from the first quarter – I’ll have an April report later –  and there’s some interesting stats popping up. The biggest surprise, for me anyway, was Surfer and the numbers they’re posting – tbh, I kinda thought they’d had their day in the sun and hadn’t really adapted to digital that well. But I have egg on my face right now, sort of…

Other things? The conversions from Facebook for social traffic, yet everyone focuses on Instagram. The time on site and pages per visit were also interesting to me, mainly because it showed if high level traffic numbers actually meant anything.

Also, we dont’ have some surf site stats here – Tracks, What Youth, Surfing Life, mySurfTV, etc – that’s mainly because their traffic doesn’t register on SimilarWeb (read, too small) and so we can’t access their data. If anyone from those sites want to shares their data, by all means let me know and I’ll rework our surf site stats 🙂

And if you want the graph/info sheets, just hit me up – happy to share 🙂