This year we got a Mardi Gras float worth of rubber delivered

and set about determining the best winter wetsuits of 2019. Wetsuits from Patagonia, Rip Curl, Billabong, Quiksilver, Hurley, O’Neill, Vissla, Xcel and Need Essentials all got a run. We stacked up warmth, performance, and value as the key factors to worry about, and also awarded the best all-round winter wetsuit.
To help offset any subjectivity, Jim from Lipped Podcast teamed up on feedback. The results below were unanimous except for one. While Tim thought Rip Curl deserved best all-round winter wetsuit of 2019, Jim gave the nod to the Xcel Drylock. Tim pulled rank and gave his own choice the badge, but have a read of the reviews and make your own decision.

These are the best winter wetsuits of 2019…

Billabong Pro Series

This suit is all about feeling freer than a newly-divorced sex fiend – but for surfing. Billabong have used a new wildly stretchy rubber, ditched any restrictive liquid tape and worked on the panelling and seam placement to maximise flex.

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Patagonia R2 Yulex

This suit is amazing for those who want a clean conscience when ripping up clean waves and staying toasty in the process. Not only is the rubber made from sustainably grown trees, but the outer jersey is 100% recycled and it’s Fair Trade Sewn.

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Vissla 7 Seas

This suit is epic for those wanting a warm, stretchy suit without having to drop all their well-earned salt. It’s well priced, keeps up with high-end suits in the flexibility stakes and has plenty of warmth to keep your rig toasty.

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Rip Curl Heat Seeker

This suit is amazing for those wanting a great balance between warmth and flex. It pushes the boundary in terms of tech, so will keep rubber geeks happy with its innovation too.

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Lipped Podcast

If you’re driving, or reading isn’t your thing, then hit the below episode of Lipped where we talk all things wetsuits and Tim and Jim take an in-depth look at suits from Rip Curl, Billabong, Xcel, O’Neill, Quiksilver, Need Essentials, Vissla, Patagonia and Hurley.