The Portugirls Tour event is only a few days away. The turn around is so fast from France that I don’t have time to edit out horrible puns from my Fantasy Surfer Guide. Get prepared for some absolute doozies. Just like Hossegor, Peniche is home to a variety of conditions, but everyone is shooting for barrels. If you watched the womens at all in France, you’ll know there are a few ladies who were insane in the hollow conditions too. Those surfers should be at the top of your list, with carvers and snappers relegated to the maybe list (aka, no chance list). With the tour coming to the pointy end, each tier is well and truly sorted into best, next, worst. So, be prepared to make some hard decisions, particularly in Tiers B and C. Here are your best fantasy surfer picks for the MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal 2019.


There was one surfer in France I said in the last guide you had to put in your team: Carissa Moore. She certainly didn’t disappoint. Riss didn’t look like getting close to dropping a heat all event, fully throwing the hammer down in the final and showing why she’s almost certain to win another title this year. In terms of tube riding, the only person who came close was Corn Chips, and considering she’s in tier B, that makes Carissa an easy pick this time around again.

If you’re wanting to mix things up, Lakey would have to be next pick. Her snaps are looking sharper than anyone’s right now, so if the forecast doesn’t cooperate and it’s in rippable waves, she’ll be a red hot go. Sally seems to have taken her foot off the gas a bit during this Euro leg, looking pretty solid for Olympic glory in 2020. Again, there’s a chance she’ll final (this is the top tier after all). However, stacked against Riss and Lakey, she simply isn’t the best option.

In Short
In – Carissa

Back up – Lakey
Leave – Sally


Holy guacamole – did anyone else see Corn Chips’ 10 in France? That thing was proper mental. I was up on my feet and losing my mind. The best wave on tour this year on the women’s side easily, aside from Steph’s 20 at Keramas. Just for that alone, she has to be in your team at Supertubos. When it comes to weaving miracles in barrels, Steph is the other one you’d have to be thinking for this event. She’s one of a handful in the draw who will take on thumping barrels with casual grace. Caroline Marks also has to be on your radar in this tier as well. 3rd, 3rd, 2nd in the last three events is pretty telling. A great option for consistent excellence.

If you’re looking for picks that might fly under the radar, then Tatiana and Johanne are definitely worth a shot. Johanne especially has been in epic form, while Tati is another one who loves sliding into crazy barrels. Malia is another who is at home in heavy water. The one surfer I’d probably ditch right away is Bris Hennessy. After a great start to the year she has fallen away again. Nikki Van Dyke is another difficult pick. While she’s only lost in rnd 2 once this year, she has struggled most other events. When you have possible winners in Courtney, Caroline and Steph, it’s really hard to be taking punts on below par options.

In Short
In – Courtney and Marksy

Back up – Steph or Defay
Leave – Brisa


The bottom tier coming toward the end of the year is generally full of scraps. That or injured warriors coming back with a vengeance. Unfortunately, we’re unlikely to see the likes of Tyler Wright coming back this event, so it has to be those scrambling to requalify for 2020. For me, the only real option that stands out with a chance of making finals is Coco Ho. Riding barrels is in her blood, plus she’s capable of throwing wild hailmary turns and getting excellent scores. No one else in the draw in this tier has that potential.

If you’ve been burned by Coco before (the surfer, not the hot beverage), then Keely Andrew is a maybe. She has made semis once this year and is at least making round 3 most events. Not as much potential as Coco for a breakout result, but someone solid who could get score and at least leave you feeling like you got your money’s worth for a tier C pick.

An easy no is Macy Callaghan, who failed to pull through with a result in France and looks certain to be hitting the QS again in 2020. Assuming someone like Teresa Bonvalot is the Portuguese wildcard this time around, you can safely leave her off too. If she’s barely cracking the top 40 on the WQS, chances are she’s got no hope when stacked against someone like Carissa straight up.

In short
Yes – Coco

Maybe – Keely
No  – Macy

With that, lock ‘em in and fantasise about being showered in winner’s champagne come finals time.