The turn around between France and Portugal is faster than a Champagne shooter – pew pew. You’re going to want to get your team in quick, stamp your choices with confidence and let them get amongst it. Like France, there’s a big variety of conditions possible for this event. Big heaving pits, small fun beaches and everything in between too. Ultimately, the aim is to run it in grunty Supertubos though, so think tube pigs and you’ll have your snout in the right trough. Given current form, we know who is making drainers and who isn’t, so take that knowledge and run with it. Here’s WSL Fantasy Surfer Guide for Portugal (The Meo Rip Curl Pro)


When thinking about our WSL Fantasy Surfer Guide for Portugal, we found that Tier A is packed with more talent than a sleeping bag’s packed with camper farts. Seriously. Gabriel will be shooting lasers out of his cyborg face after his worst ever result in France. If you want a points machine in your team, he still has to be the number one option. Filipe has won here before and has made multiple final series too. His back injury is a big cloud over his name, but if Filipe still wants to be in with a shot at the title, it’s do or die here. He’s a doer, so you’d think he’ll rise to the occasion after a little rest. Jordy was tearing in France in the early rounds, so has to be a possibility too and Italo is surfing like a jack in the box on bath salts. Holy shit. Given he is defending champ and is in scorching form, you’d think he’s likely the next best option behind Gabby.

When it comes to maybes, you’d have to throw some shade at both Kolohe and Kanoa. Team Kaliforina both fairly stunk in France and simply don’t look in good form at all. Sure, Kolohe made quarters, but just barely. Italo made him look like a slug with a case of the can’t be fuckeds. Jeremy has to be a possibility. His tube riding was on point and he’ll be riding a high after his big win at home. Question is, will he be too high still and simply float around the line up blissed out on victory biscuits? Finally, Owen is a red hot shot too. He’s been looking deadly any time you get him within a sniff of a tube right now. Supertubos reeks of filthy pits (and fish) so his senses will be on high alert for some excellent skullet drags. Keep him up your sleeve as a possibility that not as many people will be thinking about.

In Short
In – Gabby and Italo

Back up – Owen
Leave – Kanoa


Tier B is like a drain full of pit rats, all hungry for a chance to see the light of day that is the top 10. Just look at the names on the list – Julian, Seth, R Cal, Bourez, Goaty McGoatface. Any one of these guys could easily take town the event on their day. There’s also Wade Carmichael, Ace Buchan, Conner Coffin. Anyone else want to put their hand up? Not you Deivid. Zeke, sure. Even Dooku got second here last year to stay on tour. Can surfing’s answer to Gargamel pull some dark wizardry and requalify yet again? I’d say it’s a resounding perhaps.

Ideally, however, you’re picking from those first names on the list. Julian was unlucky in France, only just falling on about six 10s during the heat he got pipped in. You’d think Conner should also be a solid option, with sea dogs Kelly and Bourez not far behind.

When thinking about dark horses for our WSL Fantasy Surfer Guide for Portugal, then Seth has to be in play here again. For certain Rookie of the year. The judges owe Wade after they spanked his ass blue with their clipboards against Marc Lacomre. Pretty sure they didn’t even fine him for swearing, because upon watching the replays they were like, yup, fair enough. Oopsie. Still, Wade, safety surfing a 9 into a 5 is never a great idea. Ace is another guy who has finally hit form and is looking to secure another lap around the dream tour for 2020.

Crew I’d leave off include Jack Freestone, who has jumped up a tier with an out of his skin performance in France. He may do it again, but it will be a hard ask. There’s also Willian Cardoso, whose form is looking more Panda and less Kung Fu. Better to look at sneaky options like Griffindor and Yagodor. Both could pit to punt their way to the finals easily in Portugal.

In Short
In – Julian, Conner, GOAT, Bourez

Back up – Ace and Seth
Leave – Freestone


Tier C is like those crew who turn up to parties with cartons of warm, budget beers and then sink their mates’ premiums while their own ones ‘cool down’. No one puts them on the invite list on purpose, but when you’re looking to fill a dance floor, you need a few crew who at least turn up with beer at all. Bringing the tins this time around, you’ve got potential options like Seabass, who does know how to party and does know how to tube ride. Leo Fiorvanti is a nose ahead of the pack when it comes to solid options as well, absolutely slaying in France for his return to competition. He looks sharp and, as far as tier C picks go, he’s a sneezer.

In terms of other ‘okay, you’ll do’ options, M-Rod could blaze all the way to round 3, before getting another 17th. Soli Bailey could be a hidden gem too. He’s amazing in good barrels, so could finally click into form and end his run of rnd 3 exits. Options I’d sit on the bench, include Ricardo Christie, who hasn’t looked a show all year for a final series burst, and also Jadson Andre, who really doesn’t have the qualification hunger he needs to surf his best here. If you’re wanting a dark horse, I’d be looking at the wildcard field. If one of those guys stacked up with a rickety-backed Filipe, they could slide through Rnd 3 and continue to crush dreams as they go along.

In short
Yes – Seabass and Leo

Maybe – Soli
No  – Christie

And with that, our WSL Fantasy Surfer Guide for Portugal is done – time to lock ‘em in and fantasise about being showered in winner’s champagne come finals time.

For those who are driving, walking or just don’t care to read, the below Portugal Preview from Lipped will be of interest. Can’t say it’ll get you a win, but it’ll get you some laughs and some insights amongst it all. Join their Fantasy Surfer League too, it’s got prizes from Dragon and some good banter – join here (pw is lipped)

Podcast hasn’t gone live yet, we’ll upload when it does later today/tomorrow. Until then, take time to go back over our previous team picks, you can see how good Tim is at picking teams – he’s currently leading (was, he’s fifth now after his melt in France ha) the clubs he’s in.

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