The world’s first leashless surf leash

Creatures Wireless

Quick heads up to ensure you realise that the below is part of an annual April Fools post that Tim and I post every year. The Creatures of Leisure Wireless Leash, is – unfortunately – not happening, not even a thing between the two.

So, please be aware that this entire article is part of April Fools, which is now well and truly dusted for 2021. We’ll be back for something next year I imagine. Hope you had a fun day 🙂


Creatures of Leisure continue their history of innovation today by launching the world’s first leashless surf leash. Called the Wireless, the ‘leash’ uses a grid of magnets to pull your surfboard back to a powerfully attractive brace on your arm. The magnets for your board fit snuggly inside a specially made Creatures tail pad, featuring Mick Fanning’s signature Square Loc Traction pattern. 

Fanning first approached his long-term sponsor with the idea after getting strung up on the jump-off point at Snapper Rocks.

“I was gurgling underwater and just thought, there has to be a better way than this,” says Mick. “No one likes the drag of a leash either when surfing, so I said to the guys, make this, or I’m off the team. It’ll make more cash than my pair of Reef thongs with the bottle opener in it!”

“We were under a bit of pressure to make this one happen,” continues Head of Brand and Product at Creatures, Beau Campi. “We’re pretty stoked we were though. We were able to license some existing tech off NASA that they developed for tether-free spacewalks around the International Space Station. Once we had that sorted, Mick flew over to WA for secret testing and we pulled it off. It’s extra rad too, because the wrist cuff makes you look like some kind of surfing Conan the Barbarian or Wonder Woman.”

The leash itself works with a range of up to 20 meters and is strong enough to stay connected to your board in waves up to 6ft. As an added bonus, the magnets in the leash also repel sharks from the immediate vicinity. 

“We haven’t actually done any scientific testing on that shark part, but we’re claiming it anyway,” says Campi. “It kind of makes some logical sense and is a good marketing angle, especially with Mick on board.”

The Wireless innovation joins other Creatures firsts, like pioneering urethane as the ultimate surf leash material and inventing the stainless steel double bearing swivel, which all the other brands ripped off and use too. Of course, now those inventions are now obsolete. Who’s going to want to go with cables, when you can go hifi wifi? 

The Wireless is available exclusively via Empire Ave for today only, between 9am-12 noon April 1st. Good luck getting your hands on one.