No idea who, what, where or how. But I like what they’re doing.

Our Thoughts

Normally I'd put info from the brand here, but they don't have any...

Like I mentioned earlier, I have no idea about anything around DOWNLANDS. I found them via an IG follow, went down a rabbit hole and here we are talking about them. Are they surf? Doesn’t seem like it, although you can see some surf vibes cutting through. To be completely honest, it feels like it’s could easily be out of Melbourne. Overall it just feel like a nice solid mix between city and beach vibes with a very australian twist – something I’ll openly applaud. Their Liberation tee is fantastic. 

Product wise they’re got a fairly wide run of categories for what seems to be a new’ish brand. Pants, Tees, Totes, Headwear, with the winning pieces – imo – being the
*Liberation Tee (sold out though)
*Heritage Jersey, that gives me Western Suburb Magpies vibes
*Workers Pants, that come in a variety of patchwork options.

Go have a gander, see what you like and support a local brand – DOWNLANDS. Most likely your favourite designers favourite brand, that’s also most likely on a lot of ‘mood boards’.