Pete Devries & Arc'teryx

Pete Devries is probably a name you’ve heard but might have forgotten about, which would be understandable given he’s a – in his words, a ‘happy recluse’. But since being told to peel off his Hurley stickers he’s gone and picked up one of the better (best?) brands in outdoor space – Arc’teryx.

Arc’teryx is hands down one of the top two or three brands in the world for outerwear. Shit, they make gear for the army under another brand (LEAF) and currently have the menswear field walking around with boners full time. It’s definitely a brand you need on your mood board, IG feed or shopping target list.

Together, Pete Devries and Arc’teryx, they’ve released Arc’teryx’s first foray into surf films (kinda wild I’m calling a ten minute clip, ‘a film’)- Happy Recluse. And it’s a big surprise, I didn’t see it coming. I honestly thought Pete Devries would be cashing cheques from Arc’teryx for a while sure, but didn’t see Arc’teryx putting money into something like this for him (let alone all the press they’ve rustled up for it). Pretty rad!

I’m not going to talk too much about the clip, I’d prefer you watch it and enjoy it for yourself. It’s good, almost great but definitely an inspiring clip to get you outdoors and enjoying nature. I would love to see what Arc’teryx could do with boardshorts and wetsuits if they put their mind to it. Might blow everything else out of the water. In the meantime, enjoy the clip 🙂

Brand: Arc’teryx
Location: Canada
Surfer: Pete Devries
Clip: Happy Recluse
Release: Feb, 2021
Key Features: The training facilities and visual goodness everywhere
Videographer: Jeremy Koreski