Stance Butter Blend

Behold the silky smooth perfection of Stance Butter Blend

Because no other fabric proved soft enough, Stance invented their own. Stance Butter Blend is a sustainably sourced fiber innovation that delivers on their promise of softness superiority. I’ve worn the boxers and they were pretty damn impressive, only lasted a short while before they died though – but I can tell you the softness is real, super comfortable. Need to pony up and get some tee’s and socks to completely smother myself in butter…

Stance Butter Blend which is applied across their socks, underwear and tee categories and you can shop (they ship to Australia now) online over here.

Sustainably Sourced

A sustainably sourced fiber innovation. Being responsible never felt so good.

Proprietary Fiber

No other fabrics proved soft enough, so Stance invented their own - Butter Blend

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