Sunglasses by Photographers


Tens Sunglasses, the UK sunglass brand founded in 2014 by three young and independent photographers, and now lists Sir Richard Branson and ex-Oakley executives among its investors, has established operations in Australia. Why care? No reason for you, but for me I’ve been a fan of the way their look/feel and the product.

Tens Sunglasses made eyewear industry headlines in 2014 when the brand launched its debut filter lens, creating a warm and uplifting viewing experience inspired by its roots in photography and filmmaking. The brand set crowdfunding records, generated international press coverage and attracted thousands of fans through its honest and creative approach, its commitment to customer service and its social and environmental standpoints.

Tens now bills itself as “the lens experience company”, specialising in multiple custom lenses designed to immerse the wearer in unique visual experiences; each featured in high quality and sustainably sourced eyewear developed with globally renowned partners in France, Italy and Australia. Hit them up via the Tens Sunglasses Website or IG.

Custom Lens Tint

Immerse you in a world reminiscent of a distinct time, place or feeling


Nothing over 180$ AUD from what I can see, which feels like a pretty good win.

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