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Vintage Surfboards

Vintage Surfboards, to me, are awesome. Probably not as awesome as a magic stick or getting a new stick, but when you get one that means a lot to you they’re worth a lot to the person. Up until recently, it’s kinda like picking hens teeth with trying to add to your quiver with anything vintage or pro-ridden but that’s changing.

Vintage Surfboards Garage is one of a few joints out there making it easier to find, buy and get delivered special boards. Based out of Victoria, Torquay to be exact, they have a curated collection of vintage surfboards from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s & 90’s. Built over 30+ years of surfing, good times and trade at Mordy Surf Shop, est. 1971 by industry legends, Mike ‘Maui’ Mannix and Murray ‘Muzza’ Whitelaw.

I grabbed the Dane Reynolds one a while back, which is from his Modern Collective days – a movie which ultimately showed me how exciting surfing was becoming as well as being an example for where my surfing wasn’t heading. If you’re keen to window shop, or add to your quiver, take a look at Vintage Surfboards Garage and sign up to their newsletter as the new additions go out on email blast first.

Vintage Surfboards
Channel Islands - 5'10

Tom Curren, Red Beauty

BOARD NO: 14814
SIZE: 5’10 x 191/4 x 2 5/8
MODEL: Tom Curren, Red Beauty
CONDITION: Good. 7/10
PRICE: $7500
One of Tom’s 83’/84’ Bells boards. Original decals.
Very rare - a collectors grail.

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Energy - 5'10

Simon Anderson Thruster

SIZE: 5’10
MODEL: Thruster
CONDITION: Average. 5/10
PRICE: $650
Early 81’ Thruster

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McTavish- 7'6

Hayden. Signed by Bob McTavish.

BOARD NO: 3207
SIZE: 7’6
MODEL: Shaped in 1969 - authenticated and signed by Bob
CONDITION: Good. 7/10
PRICE: $1250
One of our oldest collector board - a late 60’s transition board

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Chilli - 5'10

Mitch Coleborn - Spawn

BOARD NO: 15830
SIZE: 5’10 x 181/2 x 21/4 - 24.6 L
MODEL: Spawn
PRICE: $550
Shaped for Mitch Coleborn.
Please note: This board has no fins.

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