Haydenshapes GRISC

Half Grail.Half MISC.

The Haydenshapes GRISC is very fast apparently. Actually, “the fastest surfboard i’ve ridden” says Nate Tyler

I’ve never ridden an Asym, have you? I heard various reports about them being super awesome through to super trash. Guess it depends, like most boards, on the surfer and their ability to adapt to different lines, etc. The Haydenshapes GRISC is one that looks super interesting to me and would be up there along with a Ryan Burch to try when I end up surfing again. Might be the spray, the lines, or just the novelty of riding an Asym but it’s something I want to try…

The Haydenshapes GRISC was built specifically for Nate Tyler as part of his new clip – ARBUTUS – and is available in limited quantities at the moment via Haydenshapes directly.

Exclusively Designed

The Haydenshapes GRISC was exclusively designed for Nate Tyler for his new film ARBUTUS

Made to Order

Exclusive Quantities available and comes in at $1100 AUD. Not sure if it comes with HS specific Asym fins.

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