The Cheetah Gloves from FMX

John has got clearance from the WSL* to wear the gloves at the Bells!

In a move to push the boundaries further in extreme waves, Florence Marine X have just released a set of streamlined, webbed-gloves for extra paddle power. The gloves feature the brand’s signature red triangle flags inside the webs, and are made from a hydrodynamic skin developed from studying the smooth contours of cheetah seals (the fastest creature in the ocean).  

“These things are sick!” said John John after testing them for the first time at a maxing outer reef on the North Shore. “You look like somekind of demented Batman wannabe wearing them, but man they make you fly down the face like you’ve just jumped off a building in Gotham.”

The idea for the gloves was inspired by OG webbed-glove Pipe lord Glenn Winton, aka Mr X. 

“Not many people know that X in Florence Marine X is actually a slight nod to Glenn,” says John. “I had a shot of him on my wall as a grom, wearing webbed gloves standing tall at Pipe and wanted to be like him so bad. I even tried to surf goofy for a week once, but that part didn’t last. I’m ultra stoked to now be able to carry on his legacy of rocking gear that prioritizes function over any kind of aesthetic appeal. Saying that, check those red flags. 10% faster just with the radical color hits for sure.”

John has just had clearance from the WSL to wear the gloves at the Rip Curl Pro Bells too. There was some concern the design is so performance enhancing that John could paddle faster than jet-ski assist. He’d therefore have an unfair advantage getting priority after every set. However, testing showed that his paddle speeds clocked just under 55mph while wearing the gloves, slightly less than a full power ski. Still a significant improvement and well worth the $2000USD price if you’re looking for something that will enable paddle-in surfing at 100ft Nazare for the first time ever.  

You can get your hands in the gloves by clicking here. Get in fast though. They only made 5 pairs and John and his brothers have nabbed the first three.