Billabong have been pushing the envelope for a few years now in terms of what you can do with wetsuits. In 2018 they introduced a Japanese carbon-fibre yarn which helped them win our warmest wetsuit review that year. In 2019 they changed the jersey weave on their Pro Series to win our best performance wetsuit review. This year, they’ve come out with a new value price option in the Furnace Revolution series that includes graphene lining for warmth and different neoprene colour for a bit of pop. Can they make a 3-peat to take out that category too on 2020? Before we jump into the Billabong Furnace Revolution review, here’s what they say about the chest zip steamer online…

“Heritage lines are reborn, backed by modern wetsuit technology. Maintaining core lines, the Revolution Series wetsuits utilize premium wetsuit innovations and materials, creating a suit that delivers both performance and signature style. New for the 2020 season, the Furnace Revolution now features Billabong exclusive Furnace Graphene. Innovative new graphene wrapped yarns combine with carbon fibers for a wetsuit that is lighter, stronger and warmer for longer. Furnace Graphene is 50% lighter than traditional hollow fiber liners and 200x stronger than steel.”

Let’s see how the 3/2mm version of the suit itself stacks up…

Graphene Thermal

50% lighter than traditional hollow fibre liners and 200x stronger than steel.

Silicone Stretch Jersey

Combined with eco-friendly Superlite foam creates an ideal blend of flexibility and thermal retention.

GBS Seams

Glued and blindstitched seams with internal Superflex neo-tape


The Billabong Furnace Revolution Steamer is good for those wanting a reputable brand’s wetsuit without paying top dollar. It’s also one of the few suits on the market offering pop in the jerseys. So, if you’re a fan of Mark Richards gull swoops matched with 80s fun colour palettes, this will get your lookback snapping. The 3/2mm should be good as a Queensland, West Oz or NSW winter suit, with a step up to 4/3mm needed in colder states.   



As usual for Billabong, the fit of the Furnace Revolution Steamer is rock solid. No weird dangly bits like grandma’s neck folds, just a smooth and clean silhouette that makes you want to dance. The entry system is good, without too much rubber bunched around the shoulders, and the Graphene feels like a nice warm cuddle pressing against your skin. It’s not wildly stretchy, so doesn’t feel like a leotard, but is plenty comfy to keep you happy. 8 out of 10 here.


For an entry level suit, the stretch in the Furnace Revolution is reasonable. The give in the shoulders is good for paddling, the hip flexors allow plenty of squat thrust action without getting tired. However, you can notice there isn’t as much give as other options, especially when putting it on with a tight spot in the lower legs to get your heels through. Top performers like the Rip Curl E7 are much stronger, with the cheaper Need Essentials suit also pipping it too. 7.25 out of 10


Imagine you’re in bed on a cold morning with your duck-down duvet wrapped around you. Everything is cosy and warm. Then, one of your kids creeps in, lifts the covers and squirts a water pistol into your ball sack. That’s kind of the experience of the Furnace Revolution Steamer. The materials are phenomenal for insulation, but constant leaks in the legs let it down. If it weren’t for that, this suit could have been amazing in the warmth department. Instead, 7 out of 10


This is a really tricky one. On one hand at $350 in innovative materials this wetsuit is a bargain. It probably blows a few of the other major brand’s options out of the water. However, when you stack up against the direct-to-market Need Essentials equivalent, it’s $50 more at retail without being as stretchy or warm. If you count brand value in the equation this might rank higher, however just going off performance specs alone it’s hard to push into the full excellent range. 7 out of 10.


Rather than rely just on Tim’s verdict, we’re splitting hairs and opinions for every suit tested in 2020. Here’s what the Empire Ave x Lipped rubber fetish enthusiasts club had to say about the Billabong Furnace Revolution 3/2mm CZ Steamer…

Tim said: “This is a great looking suit from a brand that consistently does epic things with rubber. The Graphene is an innovative addition for the materials and the colour options are perfect for crew that want to go beyond Johnny Cash Black. However, the major let down of this suit is how leaky it is. Solve that issue and you may have a contender in the ‘best value wetsuit category’ but at this point it kind of sinks the boat. If you want something with a bit of zing that comes with the cache (and warranty) of a major brand this could be your suit. However, if you’re simply looking for a top suit at a bargain price, take a look at the Need Essentials option instead.”

Jimmy said: I love Graphene but all the bells and no whistles left this suit feeling odd and unbalanced. Love Billabong suits but this isn’t a winner.

Linc said: This suit could have been everything. It looks real nice, the Graphene has me feeling a little bit special/futuristic. For me the fit was amazing, entry was great in the sense of easy on/off but they could have had more neoprene around the end part under the zipper as I got flushed a bit there. When surfing it felt so damn good, but the thing leaked worse than Liza’s bucket. If you don’t feel the cold or don’t notice leaks, this is a pretty good suit for Yamba north…”

Overall Rating

  • Innovative Graphene material
  • Customisable options
  • Reputable brand and warranty
  • Leaky seams
Fit & Comfort 80.
Performance 72.5.
Warmth 70.
Value 70.
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If you’ve got $350 Australian spare and we’ve convinced you to get a Billabong Furnace Revolution Steamer, then hit the below links and spend up. If you want something with a bit of zing that comes with the cache (and warranty) of a major brand this could be your suit.

Buy an Billabong Furnace Revolution from :
⋅ Billabong Australia
⋅ Billabong USA
⋅ Billabong Stockists

Alternatively, we’ve pulled together three Winter Wetsuit Buyers Guides if you’re still a little undecided on what to buy:
*Above $500
*Below $300

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