The Patagonia Yulex Wetsuit (we tested the R2 variety) is a 3.5/3mm wetsuit which is pretty much leading the sustainability charge for your major winter surf accessory. We’ve done Patagonia Yulex wetsuit reviews in past years. The design has been the same for the last couple of years and is as sturdy as ever. However, we thought we’d give it a new review stacked against the new suits on the market to see how it fared. Here’s a spiel from Patagonia on the Yulex program.

“You don’t have to choose between performance and the planet. Light, warm and ultra-stretchy, our Yulex wetsuits replace conventional neoprene with renewable natural rubber,* and are made in a Fair Trade Certified™ facility with solution-dyed linings that reduce CO2 emissions and water-based AQUAa™ glue that’s free from harmful VOCs. They’re setting a new standard, delivering maximum performance and minimum harm—with no compromise to either.”

Without further ado, here’s your latest Patagonia Yulex Wetsuit Review.

Patagonia R2 Yulex Wetsuit Review

Yulex Rubber

Neoprene-free 85% Yulex® natural rubber/15% synthetic rubber for performance, durability, warmth and sustainability


100% recycled polyester jersey lining in the arms/legs improves flexibility and dry time.

Fair Trade

Worked with Sheico, the world’s leading wetsuit manufacturer, to introduce Fair Trade to the wetsuit industry.


This suit is amazing for those who want a clean conscience when ripping up clean waves and staying toasty in the process. Not only is the rubber made from sustainably grown trees, but the outer jersey is 100% recycled. It's also Fair Trade Sewn. Triple tick on the responsibility front. Because it’s a 3.5/3mm thickness suit it’s really built for cold water. Patagonia list 13-16 degree water for this suit on their site, but I reckon most crew could go a degree or two less than that and still be sweet, especially paired with boots and/or a hood. That means Victoria, South NSW, South Oz and perhaps some tough Tasmanians would be doing fine. So-Cal in the USA would be another place where this would get worn a bunch. If you’re wanting some ultra flexible, or something for warmer climates this aint it. It’s a penguin hugger through and through.



Comfy like your favourite quilt snuggled up by the fire, reassuring weight included. The fit on the R2 is excellent and the rubber has reasonable stretch for the thickness making it easy to roll around in. There is a bit more weight in this suit than other ones I’ve tested this year for sure, even taking into account it’s a slightly thicker rubber. That does decrease from your ‘light and free’ feeling when rolling around in the carpark. We give it a solid 8 out of 10 here.


This is the area the Patagonia R2 Yulex wetsuit didn’t quite stack up against most of the other suits we tested this year. It was definitely on the stiffer side. But if you compare it against other eco-friendly suits on the market like Cheer it is flexier. The weave of the jersey allows for better movement. Still, when stacked up against the full Ferraris like the Rip Curl E7 there’s a lot of daylight between them for pure performance . Plenty flexy to surf, but definitely not loose like a spruce goose. 7 out of 10.


Well slap me in the oven and call me well done, I baked in this like a loaf of cookie dough. This suit is one of the warmest we tested this year, although it should be noted that it’s also the thickest. There’s no chance I’ll be able to use it even mid-winter in West Oz without overheating during any surf where I’m doing a bit of paddling. Maybe one to save for super inconsistent sessions or ship to a colder state. For what you give up in flex, this suit more than makes up for in heat factor. 9 out of 10.


This is a more expensive suit compared to some other brands out there. However, Patagonia also has the best warranty on the market and make their suits to last. I had one guy tell me in the surf he’d had his Patagonia suit for 8 years. Don’t know if that’s true, or how often he surfs, but damn that’s a long time. If I had a suit for half that time it would still be double what I normally get out of a suit. For math’s geniuses, I’ve represented that as an equation (8/2) = (2*2). That all amounts to an 8 in terms of value.


Rather than rely just on Tim’s verdict, we’re splitting hairs and opinions for every suit tested in 2020. Here’s what the Empire Ave x Lipped rubber fetish enthusiasts club had to say for this year’s Patagonia Yulex Wetsuit Review…

Jim said: “As rock solid as it was three years ago. Slowly falling behind on performance but more than makes up for it with warmth and durability.”

Tim said: “The Patagonia R2 is an incredibly warm suit that’s made with more thought and care for the world than anything else on the market. Crew like Cheer are doing a great job of adding competition to the ‘eco-friend wetsuit’ category, but they’re still not as polished as the masters. The R2 is your roasty toasty companion for cold water and positive vibes. However, the excellence in those areas does come with some compromise (counter to Patagonia’s Yulex spiel at the top of this post). Yulex rubber is a tad heavier and combined with the recycled jersey it’s a bit stiffer than other suits in this range. Still, if you’re in cold water, or feel the freeze in your bones more than most, then give this a red-hot look.”

Overall Rating

  • Warmth
  • Warranty/Durability
  • Sustainability Approach
  • Not super flexible
Fit & Comfort 80.
Performance 70.
Warmth 90.
Value 80.
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Patagonia R2 Yulex Wetsuit Review


If you’ve got $700 Australian for a Patagonia R2 Yulex wetsuit then hit the below links and spend up. Like we said, one of the most expensive suits out there, but if you want the warmest you’ve got to pay the piper.

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– Patagonia Online
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