Who in the world gets their own signature wetsuit from a major brand? Not many. Not even The GOAT from recollection. But, Quiksilver have given the surfing mullet his own range of them. Pretty rad. The one we tested is basically a sleeked out version of their Mens Highline 3/2mm Chest Zip. Before we get into the Quiksilver Mikey Wright Highline Steamer review, here’s what they say about it online…

“Fashioned in 100% StretchFlight x3 neoprene, featuring WarmFlight thermal fleece lining on the body and upper legs keeps body heat in and water out, and rounded out with a GBS (glued and blindstitched) seams. This chest zip wetsuit for men joins the squad in the Quiksilver surf collection.”

While that spiel has about as much personality as an unsalted corn chip, the Quiksilver Mikey Wright suit itself has a bit more zing. Let’s see how thing stacks up…

Quiksilver Mikey Wright

Warm Flight

WarmFlight thermal fleece lining on the body and upper legs keeps body heat in and water out


100% StretchFlight x3 limestone-derived neoprene - warm, ultra-light & flexible

Signature Printing

Specifically designed to make you not pull back.


The Quiksilver Mikey Wright Highline wetsuit is for those wanting a performance suit tied to one of the more interesting shredders getting around. The full-flex rubber keeps it as loose as a bogan on a bender, while the thermal lining adds some warmth. The main difference of this suit is the Mikey Wright styling complete with flaming arm print and bird-flip logo. Still all black (of course) but with some extra flare to keep things fun. In terms of water temp, the 3/2mm should be good to keep you toasty in 14-20 degrees C water (depending on how much you feel the cold).

Quiksilver Mikey Wright



Quiksilver nailed the fit of their wetsuits a few years ago. This one continues that trend. While Mikey is as ripped as a sock full of walnuts, the cut here is still okay for flaccid mortals. The neoprene is soft and supple, the thermal is cushy and comfy. The only drawback is the finicky entry with its weird zip. 8.5/10.


Lets you lay back further than Mikey doing the limbo. This thing is flexible. While it’s not up there with the Rip Curl E7 or the Buell RB1, it’s still damn impressive (especially at $400rrp). If you’re wanting a mid-priced performance wetsuit this would have to be in the mix. Our rubber judges gave it an 8.25/10.       


Life is full of trade offs. Fashion vs function. Strength vs weight. Tinder vs dignity. In the wetsuit world, the big ‘one or other’ comes down to stretch versus warmth. Given the high stretch of this, plus normal GBS seams instead of liquid tape, you’re sacrificing some toast factor. Still okay, but not great. 7.75/10.


The mid price tier is a weird one these days, especially with established brands who have major marketing budgets and teams of athletes to manage (ahem, pay). At $400 the Quiksilver Highline 3/2 presents solid value, until you throw in someone like NEED Essentials who offer more for less. 8/10 here.


Rather than rely just on Tim’s verdict, we’re splitting hairs and opinions for every suit tested in 2020. Here’s what the Empire Ave x Lipped rubber fetish enthusiasts club had to say about the Quiksilver Mikey Wright Highline 3/2mm Steamer…

Tim said: “This wetsuit is a bit like Mikey’s haircut – interesting to talk about but not something I’d get myself. The signature style is great fun without being over the top. The stretch is joyous and free. But, it lacks a bit of warmth factor compared with other options out there and the zip in the entry is super fiddly without any obvious benefit. A reason not to get it all on its own. If you love Mikey and want to run his style, it’s priced well enough that you can overlook the drawbacks. But if you want full performance with a bit more warmth hit up either the Buell RB1 at just slightly more, or the Rip Curl E-Bomb for the top of the woz.”

Jimmy said:Good step up in performance from previous years and the flames on the arms made me feel like part of the cool gang. But stripping so much off the Highline Pro in terms of seals definitely impacted the warmth. Great for Nth NSW and QLD though with good performance at a good price.

Overall Rating

  • Great Stretch
  • Good Fit
  • Fun Style
  • Not Warm
  • Fiddly Entry System
Fit & Comfort 85.
Performance 82.5.
Warmth 77.5.
Value 80.
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Quiksilver Mikey Wright


If you’ve got $400 Australian spare and we’ve convinced you to get a Quiksilver Mikey Wright Wetsuit, then hit the below links and spend up. Like we said, one of the most expensive suits out there, but if you want one of the best fitting & warmest suits out there, you’ve got to pay the piper.

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Alternatively, we’ve pulled together three Winter Wetsuit Buyers Guides if you’re still a little undecided on what to buy:
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Quiksilver Mikey Wright


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