A number of years ago, Quiksilver’s wetsuit program was lagging behind other brands. The biggest issue was they fell apart if you sneezed in one. For the last few years though, Quik have proven they’ve gotten past those durability issues and have delivered solid options. They’re now innovating even more with stretchy jerseys, thinner materials and better thermal linings. Their latest offering is the Quiksilver Highline. A full-stretch performance suit to rival Rip Curl’s eBomb. 

They don’t actually have a spiel about the wetsuit on their website, which is crazy. It’s just a bunch of dot points. Rather than replicate all of them here, we’ve put what we think are the top three most relevant below. Here is your Quiksilver Highline wetsuit review for 2022…

Water Based Glues

eliminates the use of toxic solvents


thermal fleece lining keeps body heat in and water out

Highline Limited Neoprene

flexibility for your best performance


The Quiksilver Highline is for those who like to do yoga in their wetsuit. That or lookback tube riding, Flores body-torque cutdowns, and Igarashi ninja spins. Basically it’s the brand’s stretchiest option outside their 1mm supersuit. Quik don’t have a sea temperature range for the Highline wetsuit on their website either (the only brand I’ve seen without it). However, I’d say it’s best suited for temperate zones like West Oz or Sydney North. 



Three quarters right. From the tits down the Quiksilver Highline wetsuit fits spot on. From the tits up, things go a bit, ah, tits up. I personally found the Medium Tall tight around the pecs and under the arms, which detracted from the overall comfort. The stretch did make up for this quite a bit, and the other tester didn’t have the same issue in the Large he was running. My recommendation would be to try this in store and make sure it’s right for you before buying. 

7.5 out of 10 here.


As Borat once said in a cultural reference kids might not understand – wah wah we wah. That’s Kazakhstani for oh my goodness. This thing is wildly flexible. Definitely the best Quiksilver wetsuit I’ve tested in this regard, it’s great to see them mixing it with the other big dogs. The waffle-style weave in the jersey seems to ramp things up even more. Many excellents. Highline really does mean high performance.

9 out of 10.  


Could be warmer. While I was plenty cozy in West Oz and Linc was happy on the Gold Coast, I’m thinking colder climates will result in frigid figs. If you’re in corelord regions like Northern California, Europe or deep South Australia, you’d probably want to run a 4/3. However, if you’re lucky to be in the Goldilocks zones of surfing seas, it will be a tip top option.

8 out of 10.


$500 for an ultra stretch, mostly warm wetsuit from a premium brand? That’s a spicy meatball. Because you’re not running with liquid tape seams, or crazy thermal lined interiors, the price is easier to justify, however with the performance criteria being so high, there’s solid bang for buck here. Rip Curl’s equivalent eBomb 3/2mm runs at the same price, so it’s a coin flip over which you’d go depending on what fits you best.

8 out of 10.


Tim Said:

“It was ultra impressed by the flex of this wetsuit. It’s light, feels like you’re surfing in spandex and is warm enough to keep a sultry smile on your dial. My biggest issue was with the fit, which wasn’t ideal for my body shape. Normally MT is the perfect size. I’d be reluctant to run a large, since most of the wetsuit fit great (it was just the upper body that was tight). Too many push ups in the gym? Not likely, pigeon boy. My advice would be to try it on first, and if it’s dreamy, then you have a 100% green light. Otherwise, shop around for your perfect match. Fit is key in the wetsuit game”.

Lincoln said:

“The best Quiksilver suit I’ve worn/tested. Hands down one of the biggest improvements from a wetsuit brand in recent memory. Well worth considering adding this suit to your rotation this season. Quiksilver are competitive again in the wetsuit space and it’s great to see”

— —- —

Note: overall scores are an average of the 3 surfers who tested the suits, rounded to the closest half a point. Most comments are from the perspective of Tim, with added verdict spiels from Lincoln and Jimmy (from Lipped).

Overall Rating

  • Flex is wah wah we wah
  • Price is great value
  • Not the warmest 3/2 we tested
  • Possible fit issues
Fit & Comfort 75.
Performance 90.
Warmth 80.
Value 80.
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If you’ve got $500 Australian spare and we’ve convinced to get an Quiksilver Highline Suit, then hit the below links and spend up.

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Alternatively, we’ve pulled together some Winter Wetsuit Buyers Guides if you’re still a little undecided on what to buy:
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