Soft Top Surfboards have been ruling the market of late with Catch Surf, Mick Fanning Softies, and more becoming ultra popular as shore break bashers and fun day craft. Back in the day, you were stuck with a Koolite foamy if you wanted to learn on something forgiving. Now, bodyboard tech has finally reached the surfboard world and offering a full range of options – from beginning to high performance. To sort between what’s the best for which type of surfer, here’s your Soft Top Surfboards Buyers’ Guide.

Modom Deadly Mondo


Soft Top Surfboards - Modom Deadly Mondo
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The Deadly Mondo is billed as a ‘high-performance’ soft board. That is to say, it’s high performance for a soft board. Don’t expect it to go as well as a proper surfboard though. At least, not quite. The thing has a Futures Fins set up that lets you swap out soft or regular fibreglass fins depending on who’s using it. It also has a fish-style shape with a pulled in tail that allows whippy turns and mad cut downs. Ideal for teaching a grom to surf on, but then use yourself for a fun shred session. To read a full review of the Deadly Mondo, head here.

The Modom Deadly Mondo is available for $540AUD including free shipping in Australia.

Mick Fanning Eugenie


Soft Top Surfboards - Mick Fanning Softboards
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All three of the models that are currently on offer from Mick Fanning’s Softboard company are suitable for some high-performance shredding. But it’s the Eugenie that’s really here to let you push the boundaries of what’s possible on soft top surfboards. It’s got a more streamline, shortboard, style shape, where as the Beastie and Lil Marley are little more fun focused. All models are running FCS II, so you can swap in/out softer fins or your more regular options.

Bonus points if you can swoop up one of the new DHD x MF Softboard models that are currently hitting retail. I’ve been riding the Black Diamond model and it’s funnnnnn.

88 Surfboards


Soft Top Surfboards - 88 Surfboards
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I haven’t ridden this twin fin from 88 surfboards, but I’ve ridden their 8ft soft top surfboard option and even paddling out on that thing put a smile on my face. They are proper soft. squishy and feel like if you copped the rail in the head it probably wouldn’t hurt.

If you want to order one, you gotta hit Thalia (only online retailer I could find) or email them directly. No online store for 88. Not sure if fins ship with an 88 order, mainly because all the footage you see lately is people going wild fast on that slipstream, fin free, vibe. Examples can be found via Casey or the Llama.

Catch Surf Beater


Soft Top Surfboards - Catch Surf Julian Wilson Beater
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This thing is funner than lathering yourself in baby oil and sliding down a wet grass hill. Something you’ll want to come back to again and again. It’s not super high performance. The fact that it’s quite challenging to ride is actually part of the fun. The Beater is perfect for shorey bashing, taking on heaving sand monsters and trying to get a cameo on Kookslams. Take one down the beach on a hot day and let all your mates rotate on this one to see who can do the biggest turn, or nail the biggest go down.

The Catch Surf Beater with fins is available for $400AUD, plus shipping (around $20AUD or so).

Drag Drumstick


Soft Top Surfboards - Drag Board Co Drumstick
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Drag Board Co is the brand who’s bringing back some Aussie character and proper surf vibes (fun, fuckery, and sun) to the big, wide world of surf. And doing it all with soft top surfboards, boogs, and a run of clips that are raw and not like anything that’s currently out there. The boards are built for fun and maybe not as performance-focused like Modom or MF’s – although Chippa can and will argue that with all of his footage.

They’ve got multiple options to choose from, but the one we’ve included is the one that Chippa can be seen doing all sorts of crazy things on recently. If you can watch their latest clip it’ll get you frothy for slap in the water.

GSI Flounder Pounder


Soft Top Surfboards - GSI Flounder
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The Flounder Pounder is an ideal beginners board from groms wanting to surf on something that’s not a longboard. There’s plenty of volume to help keep things stable, a grippy top so you don’t have to worry about wax, plus flexible fins to avoid any extra rectum holes when you do the inevitable flip and sit. I recommend the 6’6’’ for most kids under 8. Better to have them catching more waves than getting something too short. If you’re an adult, the GSI Gnaraloo Fatty is probably the go instead.

The Flounder Pounder is just $325AUD with free delivery anywhere in Oz too. Damn good deal.

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