Summer is just around the corner and that means beach parties, house parties, Christmas parties and generally any other excuse to have a tasty beverage with a bunch of friends. Depending on what your personality is like, there are different kinds of shirts out there you’ll more be drawn to for your evening-wear option. Here’s a summer beach party shirt guide for bar flies, dancers and smoke bombers who like to fly under the radar.

The Dancer

Get all Saturday Night Fever and get in a shirt off with your boogie partners. It’s all about being remembered, blinding the competition and knee-sliding off the chain to have as a rad a time as possible. These options should do the trick…

Prada Flames


This Prada Flames shirt is the one that started the whole party shirt trend that’s ripping around at the moment. It’s loud, proud and ready to party. Note that it’s got a nice loose cut so you can throw your sprinkler moves around without getting clamped up in fabric. For a lot of people this will be a teeny bit expensive, so look to other options below for fun and funk, without going bankrupt.

Buy the Prada Flames Shirt now.

Party Shirt Guide - Prada

The Home Zine Resort Shirt by Insight


This shirt has a full neo-impressionist art vibe rolling with it, nailing lots of pop colours off a white base.  The loose fit and easy wear nature of it means you can roll day or night in it (let’s be honest though, there’s rarely a bad time to be rocking a party shirt at the moment). Bonus points if you spill your red wine on it, it will only add to the design. It is, of course, available at General Pants. Buy it now.

The Sundays Floral Shirt by Billabong


This shirt has a very confusing name, since it’s not actually a floral at all. Take some acid and let that one bake your scone for a while. Maybe they’re abstract flowers? Either way, it’s a radically colourful option in stretch so you can rip into a head spin without ripping your new threads. Maybe get a size up though, because the cut looks a little slim for the party shirt vibe that’s out there right now. Buy it now.

The Bar Fly

If you’re more about hanging and chatting than cutting rug on the d-floor, you’ll be wanting something that’s fun enough to draw attention from the ladies, but not so lairy it'll get you into a fight. Here are three of the best options I’ve found out there that tread this middle ground well.

Flagstuff Camp-Collar Shirt


Two colours instead of twenty, this print is still bold without going over the top. It’s got almost like a pop art newpaper print feel too it, so enjoy some flavour that’s tasty, yet not bursting with the skittles rainbow.

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The Banzai Camp Shirt by Quiksilver


This is a ripper Aloha-style option in a dark base that threads the line between freak and fun. It’s made from lightweight viscose which means it’ll be comfy as fuck, plus the longer line cut means if you do hit the dance circle you’ll be able to raise you hands in the air without having to care about your beer paunch hanging out. Buy it now.

The Orient Shirt by Zanerobe


Another dark-based floral. Ooohwweee. What can we say? We’re suckers for this look at the moment. Especially coming into summer vibes. This Zanerobe option has some nice pops off it in a great cut, lending itself to transitions between the bbq and bar smelling roses all the way. Buy it now.

The Smoke Bomber

For those that like to fly under the radar and not get noticed when they slip out the side door. If you’re one to go a bit plainer, with just a hint of zing here and there, here are a few shirts that should be up your alley.

Camp-Collar Checkerboard Shirt by BEAMS


This is for the guy who had to leave his beat up Vans at home but still wants to rep that checkerboard life. Which, if we’re being honest, never really goes out of style – the key is keeping it down to one piece per outfit. Delivered in a nice black/grey colorway, this number will have you on the party vibes without needlessly being the center of all the action. Just sit back, enjoy the night and slip out when you need to.

Buy the BEAMS Camp-Collar Checkerboard Shirt now

Party Shirt Guide - Beams
Party Shirt Guide - Beams

The Spring Palm Shirt by Rip Curl


Won’t lie, $375 is a little step for a shirt that you want to just blend in. So, to hit the other end of the price scale you might find the Spring Palm Shirt from Rip Curl more your liking. White, which is wearable every time, along with a fun palm print to keep it interesting, this shirt will keep you from drawing too much attention when you roll into the bar but won’t have you thinking you left your old school uniform on either. Buy the Spring Palm Shirt from Rip Curl direct.

The Roman Holiday Shirt by ABC


Back up the price scale with this piece from Advisory Board Crystals (who along with Online Ceramics, are having a proper moment right now) which comes in at $260. This is the shirt that’ll have you feeling like Charlie Harper but looking a lot more on point when you’re at the bar ordering the next round. Plus, peek the glittered branding on the front and back of it – bonus points for your next dance-off. Buy the Roman Holiday shirt from Slam Jam online.